Hargreaves, Anne (1923- )
The Anne Hargreaves collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, memorabilia, photographs, audio, video, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Hargreaves include: her speech to the graduating class of Boston City Hospital School of Nursing (1972); "Upon Dedication of the Harriet McCormack Tower" (1973); a draft of The Nurse Practitioner, which she delivered to the Massachusetts Health Council (1974); her notes for a speech; notes for her Congressional testimony on El Salvador (1983); her notes kept on the Commission to El Salvador; and "A Special Report on Healthcare in El Salvador," and "In Loving Memory of Joe Moakley" (2001).  Manuscripts by others include: "Labor Campaign to Defend Salvadoran Hospital Workers Union" (1987); and "The Management of Sudden Death and Other Crises in Accident and Emergency Departments," by Bob Wright. 
Correspondence includes: letters from Eddie Hargreaves to Anne Montgomery, several years before their marriage in 1946 (1942); a letter from Pastor George W. Owen to Anne Montgomery (1945); multiple letters from Anne Montgomery to Sgt. Eddie Hargreaves concerning supplies and equipment distribution (1945); 
a letter to Anne Montgomery from Lt. Margaret Curran (1945); a letter from Sister Malgara, St. Barbara’s Hospital, Germany (1948), in German; and general correspondence (1954-1989). Notable correspondents include: Marie Farrell, Harold Case, Edward M. Kennedy, Michael Dukakis, Barney Frank, Joseph Moakley, John F. Kerrey, Jimmy Carter, and various health professionals. 

Professional material consists of files compiled by Hargreaves; these files consist of various types of material arranged around a particular topic.  Subjects include: Boston City Hospital and Department of Health and Hospitals, Assistant Deputy Commissioner (1944-2010); Boston University School of Nursing (1954-2004); media (1961-2006); Danforth Teacher Grant (1963); Massachusetts Nurses Association (1969-1989); Harvard Medical School Laboratory of Community Psychology (1970-1971); resume, references, papers delivered (1970-2011); American Academy of Nursing (1972-2005); American Nurses Association (1973-1992); Boston City Hospital School of Nursing and Alumnae (1973-2011); Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (1978-1997); Nursing Pulse (1982); "Reports from the Commission on United States-Central American Relations" (1983-1984); American Public Health Association – "Report of the Public Health Delegation of Inquiring on Human Rights in El Salvador" (1983); Committee on Foreign Affairs, list of panel members including Anne Hargreaves (1983); kidnapped, killed, missing doctors and dentists from Guatemala, as well as testimony from Guatemala Human Rights Commission/U.S.A.; transcript for the Subcommittee on Inter-American Affairs on El Salvador (Hargreaves appeared as a witness from the Committee on Foreign Affairs); "Medical Aid for El Salvador" itinerary (1986); interview with Chief Nurse, Ministry of Health, El Salvador (1986); Nightingale Program for Drug Addicted Nurses (1987); The Public Health Museum (1987-2010); mortuary board (1991); continuing education (1993-2003); Gerontology Award and graduation from program (1994); Massachusetts Association of Older Americans (1994-2003); Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses (2003-2012); Women's Overseas Service League (2004-2011); Massachusetts Health Council, Inc. (2006-2010); the University of Massachusetts Boston Nursing Advisory Committee (2009-2012); and others.

Certificates and awards include: a certificate To Acknowledge the Membership of Hargreaves in the Boston University History of Nursing Archives Associates; Cooperative Education, on the 75th Anniversary of Boston City Hospital, represented by Hargreaves; an award presented to Hargreaves from the Massachusetts Association of Older Americans; and an award presented to Hargreaves from the University of Massachusetts; recognition certificate presented to Hargreaves as a member of the National Steering Committee of the Clinton/Gore 1996 Campaign; Thank You Certificate from Bill Clinton; Thank You Certificate from the Democratic Party; Thank You Certificate from Senator Ted Kennedy; 2000 Commemorative Presidential Print, "Fala in F.D.R.'s Oval Office," presented by President William Jefferson Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee (2000); and a Certificate of Appreciation from Veterans of Foreign Wars of the USA to Anne Hargreaves (2002).

Photographs include: various nurses and hospitals (1900); an "Affiliate Nursing Class" in the Psychiatric Nursing Program at Boston State Hospital (1947); Dr. Walter Barton, superintendent and nurse, Boston State Hospital; an unidentified print from World War II (undated); Fellows of the Harvard Medical School Community Psychiatry Group (1970-1971); Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis with Hargreaves and Lucille Jale; Boston Mayor Kevin White, Commissioner Bloom, and the Board of Trustees of the Nurse Practitioner Program; Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis with Hargreaves; Dr. Cahlan, Harvard Medical School Laboratory of Community Psychology; Nurses of the Year, for The Berkshire Eagle (1979); checking nutrition of children in a refugee camp in El Salvador; healthcare in Nicaragua; Massachusetts Nurses Association delegation in Florida; a signed photo of Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci; Ted Kennedy with Hargreaves at Tea for Ted, Boston City Hospital; a meeting called by Mary Ann Garrigan of Boston nurses to support the development of Boston University Nursing Archives, with Margaret Goostray and Hargreaves; Vose House Nursing Home, Boston City Hospital, aerial view; a speech given by Gov. Michael Dukakis, with Kitty Dukakis, Lt. Evelyn Murphy, and Hargreaves present, celebrating the Health Care Bill (1988); a reception with Rep. Tip O'Neill, Washington, D.C.; Bella Abzug with Hargreaves; Gov. Michael Dukakis swearing in Hargreaves as Chairperson of the Board of Registration in Nursing, with Hargreaves' husband and granddaughter present, signed by the Governor; and Gov. Michael Dukakis swearing in the Board of Registration in Nursing. 

Audio in the collection includes: "Nurse Management"; "The Xers, Boomers, and Seniors: Three Perspectives on the Healthcare System," with W. Barbin, Hargreaves, and H. Jordan (1999); and "Hargreaves, Parts I and 2".

Video recordings include: "Boston City Nurses Shortage"; "Nursing Shortage," from People Are Talking (1987); "Nursing Shortages," 20/20; "Walk of Life," TV-3, Medford, Massachusetts, with Hargreaves, guest, and Wally Kuntze, host; "News, Drugs"; "Hargreaves, Dedham Retired Men's Club, Master Tape" (2003); and "Nurse Scientists: Committed to the Public Trust" (DVD, 2004). 

Printed material includes: published writings by Hargreaves; several reports and other documents from the US government, various agencies, and other institutions; items pertaining to the closing of the Boston University School of Nursing (1969-1970); and various other items.
Notable Figures
1. Hargreaves, Anne