Zion, Sidney (1933-2009)
The Sidney Zion collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, audio recordings, and awards.

Manuscripts by Zion include drafts of The Autobiography of Ray Cohn (1988); the novel Markers (1990); Trust Your Mother, But Cut the Cards (1993); a collection of selected columns, mostly from the New York Observer, with a few from the New York Times and The Nation; Argonaut: The Fourth Reich (1993), a law book with Zion as a contributing editor; Loyalty and Betrayal: the Story of the American Mob (1994); numerous manuscript drafts of Zion’s articles written for The Daily News (1997-1998); discarded drafts, outlines, summaries, etc. for columns by Zion (1999-2001); and various other drafts.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters between Zion and various publishers (1997-2001); photocopies of correspondence to Zion from Arthur Ochs Sulzberger and Frank Sinatra; and correspondence to Zion from the FBI (1999).

There are copious amounts of clippings, as well as complete issues of magazines to which he has contributed. These include The New York Times Magazine (1965-1986); The New Yorker (1972); Harper's (1974); The New York Post (1976-2001); New York Magazine (1975 and 1978); LIFE magazine (1983); The New York Times (1993); The New York Daily News (1994-1999); and The Nation (1998). There is also printed material from the Bantam Lecture Bureau announcing their representation of Sidney Zion (1975); and printed material related to Hofstra University and The Conference: Frank Sinatra (1998) which featured Zion's direct participation.

Photographs in the collection include a photograph taken at the National Council and Young Israel 85th Anniversary Banquet (1997); and a photograph of a painting of Libby Zion by Sharon Packer.

Audio material consists of several cassette tapes of Zion's interview with Ralph Nader; and a tape of Sidney Zion appearing on the Jack O'Brian program on WOR-AM.

Awards presented to Sidney Zion include The Outstanding Zionist Leadership Award, presented by the Jewish Action Alliance (1997); a B'nai Brith award (1979); The Silver Gavel Award, presented by the American Bar Association (1985); The Flatbush High School American Jewish Writer Award (1994); a Brandeis Association award (1996); and a plaque awarded by the Barzel Society (1997).
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