Bigelow, Melville Madison (1846-1921)
The Melville Madison Bigelow collection includes printed material, manuscripts, correspondence, and other material.

Printed material in the collection inludes two issues of Boston University Law Review (1921 and 1922); two published works by Bigelow, Pansies: And Some Deal More (1920) and Rhymes of a Barrister (1884); rules and list of members of the Boston Athenaeum (1893); The Works of Virgil, edited by J.G. Cooper (1859); a booklet of notes on Bigelow’s Bills, Notes and Checks (1914); Statues of the Baronial Order of Runnemede (1917); and miscellaneous printed lectures and newspaper clippings.
Manuscripts in the collection include teaching notes for law school classes (1919-1937); lecture notes and syllabus notes on English political and literary history; "The Story of an Old English Family," by Bigelow; the commencement address to Ph.D.'s at Harvard University in 1879; "Introduction ot the Study of Law," 1908-1909; a lecture titled "Respect for the Law," delivered before the New York State Bar Association, Jan. 19, 1852; a lecture titled "Hint of the Handicap," delivered at the B.U. Law School, June 3, 1903; various partial manuscripts by Bigelow; and various manuscripts by others.
Correspondence in the collection includes hundreds of letters to and from Bigelow from various individuals.  Notable correspondents include Brooks Adams, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., and James B. Thayer.  The letters date from about 1876 to 1919.

Other material in the collection includes several photographs of Bigelow's family and friends; deeds, contracts, and income tax reports (1877-1917); certificates; poems; a scrapbook with newspaper clippings; and various programs, tickets, and menus.

Notable Figures
1. Bigelow, Melville Madison, 1846-1921