Hamill, Pete (1935- )
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The Pete Hamill collection includes manuscripts, audio recordings, correspondence, and other items.

Manuscripts by Hamill in the collection include his novels Flesh and Blood (Random House, 1977); Dirty Laundry (Bantam, 1978); The Guns of Heaven (Bantam, 1983); Loving Women: A Novel of the Fifties (Random House, 1990; includes numerous drafts, notes, and research items); and Snow in August (Little, Brown, 1997), as well as the non-fiction book Why Sinatra Matters (Little, Brown, 1998).

Manuscripts for short stories by Hamill in the collection includes several stories in the “Tales of New York” series for the New York Daily News (1982-1984), as well as the collections The Invisible City: A New York Sketchbook, with drawings by Susan Stillman (Random House, 1980) and Tokyo Sketches (Kodansha International, 1993).

Manuscripts for screenplays by Hamill include After Hours (possibly unproduced); Laguna Heat (television movie, 1987); The Neon Empire (television movie, 1989); and an adaptation of his novel Dirty Laundry .

Other manuscripts by Hamill consist of various speeches, outlines, notes, and proposals regarding various novels, stories, articles, and television projects. These items also includes various material used for background research, as well as printed items, letters, and other ancillary documents.

Audio recordings in the collection consist of Hamill’s tapes of interviews conducted with various individuals, mainly for articles. Notable figures present include Max Roach, Dexter Gordon, Tony Bennett, Fidel Castro, Norman Lear, Ruben Blades, Dizzy Gillespie, Irwin Shaw, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Sugar Ray Robinson, Paloma Picasso, Sam Shepard, Mary Tyler Moore, Peter Bogdanovich, Sylvester Stallone, Dorothy Hamill, Albert Finney, Bette Midler, Linda Ronstadt, Bob Dylan, and Mario Cuomo.

Correspondence in the collection is primarily interfiled with the manuscripts, as much of it concerns the editing and publishing of Hamill’s writing. Additional correspondence includes letters between Hamill and the Curtis Publication Company (1964-1965); letters from readers regarding his article “Breaking the Silence,” published in Esquire (Mar. 1988); and several items of fan mail (ca. 1960s-1991).

Other items in the collection include Hamill’s calendars and appointment books (1978-1989); press copy on the album Massacre at My Lai, for which Hamill wrote the script (1970); various reviews; a diary (1985); and Hamill’s notebooks from Prague and Berlin documenting the fall of Communism in Europe (Nov. 1989).
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