Schmeer, Karen (1970-2010)
The Karen Schmeer collection contains various items from the career of this film editor. It consists of subject files including notes, reports, editing instructions and to-do lists and regarding many of the films Schmeer was a part of. The collection also includes printed materials, manuscripts, correspondences, as well as various films and videos.

Each subject file in the collection contains a selection of professional materials including papers, notes, lists, calendars, outlines and videos pertaining to various films and especially Schmeer's work with Errol Morris. The material is substantial for Fog of War and Mr. Death.  The collection also includes professional materia,s including notes regarding film editing, contact lists, and contract proposals.

Printed material in the collection include flyers and invitations, press clippings, newsletters, articles, and magazines and newspapers collected by Schmeer from 1988-2004. There are also various office files and press material contained in the collection.

The manuscripts in the collection include several scripts and transcripts from various interviews, as well as several articles from 1998-2000.

The collected correspondences cover only that from 1999-2000 and include personal and professional materials.

Video consists of some home videos on VHS, as well as several other miscellaneous DVDs, VHS tapes, and electronic media, including copies of Schmeer's published films. The collection includes rough cuts and source footage as well as final cuts and finished versions of films.  
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1. Schmeer, Karen
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