Borinsky, Alicia (1946- )

The Alicia Borinsky collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, professional material, photographs, memorabilia, artwork, and video recordings.

Manuscripts by Borinsky in the collection include several drafts of various works, including poems, lectures, essays, articles, and other items.  Most of these works are in Spanish; some are in English.  Also present are two drafts of Borinsky’s Ph.D. thesis, as well as drafts of various books.  Titles for the latter includes poetry and novels, such as Mujeres tímidas y la Venus de China (1987); Sueños del seductor abandonado: Novela vodevil (1995), as well as a translation by Cola Franzen published as Dreams of the Abandoned Seducer (1998); Madres alquiladas (1996);  Cine Continuado (1997), as well as a translation by Cola Franzen published as All Night Movie (2002); La Mujer de Mi Marido Poetry Book (2004); Frivolas y Pecadoras (2006); Golpes bajos/Low Blows: Instantáneas/ Snapshots (2007); and Pablo Neruda y el memorial de Isla Negra.  Also present is some material regarding Mina Cruel (1989), as well as an interview by Borinsky of Augusto Monterroso, titled “Writing in the Americas/ Escritura de las Américas.”

Manuscripts by others in the collection include an essay by Randolph D. Pope; a poem by Saul Yurkievich; a poem by Susana Bombal; an interview with Borinsky; and other items.

Printed material in the collection consists of various items, including book reviews, newspapers and news clippings, pamphlets, clippings, programs, booklets, newsletters, flyers, and posters.  These items date overall from 1973 to 2010.

Correspondence in the collection includes professional and personal letters to and from various individuals.  There are letters from Cola Franzen, the translator of several works by Borinsky, dating from 1988 to 2004.  Also present are letters to Borinsky from Mario Vargas Llosa; Randolph Pope; Saul Yurkievich; Professor Isaac Goldemberg; and Edgardo Cozarinsky, among others.  The correspondence dates from 1975 to 2010.

Professional material in the collection includes memos, itineraries, press releases, and letters of recommendation (1987), among other items.

Photographs include prints of Borinsky and others, in color and black and white, dating from 1977 to 2001.

Memorabilia in the collection includes awards from 1997 to 2002; a certificate from Jean-Pierre Clement regarding the international seminar “L’imaginaire latino-americain a travers 20 ans d’archivos,” from June 1998; and a certificate from the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, from July 2001.

Artwork in the collection includes nine ink sketches of caricatures and one pencil-sketch portrait.

Video recordings in the collection include numerous VHS format video cassettes regarding “La Escritura de las Americanas/ Writing in the Americas,” dating from 1995 to 2006.  Individuals featured on the tapes include Marcos Aguinis, Carmen Berenguer, Soledad Bianchi, Carlos Bruck, Peter Bush, Raul Corel, Diamela Eltit, Arturo Fontaine Talavera, Jean Franco, Mempo Giardinelli, Margo Glantz, Francisco Goldman, Frank Graziano, Oscar Hijuelos, Juan Mandelbaum, Tomas Eloy Martinez, Sylvia Molloy, Augusto Monterosso, Julio Ortega, Gustavo Perez-Firmat, Ricardo Piglia, Sergio Pitol, Antonio Jose Ponte, Sergio Ramirez, Edgardo Rodriguez-Julia, Luis Rafael Sanchez, Nicholas Shumway, Antonio Skarmeta, Doris Sommer, Ilan Stavans, Tino Villanueva, Juan Villoro, and others.

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