DeWolf, L. Harold (1905-1986)

The Harold L. DeWolf Collection contains professional materials, manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, financial materials, audio materials, journals and diaries, photographs, and memorabilia.


Professional materials include office files, notebooks, and other items. Office files contain materials pertaining to theology, religious education, university affairs, and philosophy, including “University Committee on Postwar Interim Period Problems” (1943-1945); “Westminster Pastor’s School” (1957); “New England Young Adults” (1959); and “American Philosophical Association” (1961).


Notebooks include daily planners pertaining to the sermon schedule and items pertaining to DeWolf’s grades from York College, Nebraska Wesleyan, and Boston University.


Other professional materials include numbered sermons, agendas, and schedules, among other items.


Manuscripts include novels, essays and lectures, formal addresses, sermons, book reviews, files, and other items. Novels include Responsible Freedom by DeWolf.


Essays and lectures contain items pertaining to theological education, politics, and philosophy, including “Civil Defense and Nuclear War”; “Empirical Data Required For the Construction of an Adequate Ethics By Use of the Criterion of Coherence”; “Galatians: A Letter for Today”; “The Metaphysical Implications of Beauty in Nature”; and “Theological Dimensions in the Life of the Church” (1966), among other items.


Formal addresses include items pertaining to university events and religion, such as “Opening Remarks by LHD at Boston College Law School Forum” (1958); “Orientation Address, Wesley Theological Seminary” (1966); and “A Response to Assembly Document Number 1 for the Third Assembly of the World Council of Churches,” among other items. Prominent among these are “Funeral Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., Ebenezer Baptist Church” (1968) and “Invocation at SANE Banquet Honoring Martin Luther King [Jr.], New York, N.Y.” (1969).


Sermons include “The Christ Who Divides Us” (1971); “Inter-Faith Service of Prayer, Statement of Purpose” (1965); “The Life of Moses” (1967); “The Living God” (1966); “The Responsibility and Privilege of the Christian Ministry” (1961) and “Technology is Also Killing Us” (1969).


Book reviews by DeWolf include reviews of Man’s Way: A First Book in Philosophy by Henry Van Zandt Cobb (1942); The Rule of God: Essays in Biblical Theology by G. Ernest Wright (1960); Christian Faith and Other Faiths by Stephen Neill (1961); Jesus The World’s Perfecter by Karl Helm; Technology – The God That Failed by Dorothy M. Slusser and Gerald H. Slusser (1971); and Augustine and the Greek Philosophers by John W. Callahan (1967).


Files include “Addresses at Boston University School of Theology”; “Communism and Crisis: School of Theology Faculty Document”; “Methodist Church Membership”; “Publications (Mine) 1950”; “Reviews (My Reviews of Other’s Books)”; and “Special Addresses.”


Other manuscripts include other materials by unidentified authors and DeWolf’s graduate Ph.D. work from the 1930s.


Printed materials include articles and other items. Articles include reviews by DeWolf; materials by Edward Sheffield Brightman; and other items. Prominent among these is “In Memoriam Martin Luther King, Jr.” in Nexus (1968).


Other printed materials include a file titled “Propaganda”; a file titled “Theology of Missions, 63-64”; newsclippings; and other items pertaining to Martin Luther King, Jr., the Boston University School of Theology, and Christian issues from the 1940s to the 1960s.


Correspondence includes items pertaining to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, among others. Items pertaining to the Kings span the 1950s to the late 1960s, covering topics such as civil rights, the Vietnam War, and politics, including “The new and contemptible charges of the state of Alabama against you make me the more eager to be associated with you and to do anything I can to help...” (1960); “Do let me know when I can be of help, whether in speaking, demonstrating or joining you in civil disobedience… I did not go to Washington, though my heart was there… At the Lincoln Memorial you were superb…” (1963); and “I hope that while I am in Georgia you and you associates can find for me a way of involving myself very personally in the civil rights struggle…” (1964), among others.


Financial materials include receipts, invoices, and correspondence from 1955 to 1956.


Audio materials include 1/4” reel-to-reel tapes of “Daniel Marsh Lectures,” as well as an untitled reel.


Journals and diaries include journals from 1893 to 1913.


Photographs include prints of “Re: Charles Ashcroft and LHD”; “Nebraska Conference Pastor’s School”; “Re: LHD”; “Re: LHD” (1958) in color; “Re: Martin Luther King, Jr. and LHD”; “Unidentified BU School of Theology class”; and color prints of an unidentified child, among other items.


Memorabilia includes an Award of Recognition from the Military Chaplain’s Association (1958); yearbooks; DeWolf’s family Bible; and a scroll with Chinese artwork.