Clifford, Joyce C. (1935-2011)
The Joyce C. Clifford collection consists of manuscripts, professional material, photographs, correspondence, printed material, scrapbooks, memorabilia, audio, and video.

Manuscripts in the collection include a number of drafts of speeches written and delivered by Clifford at major universities, hospitals, annual meetings, and professional organizations (1974-1995); and drafts of academic papers written by Clifford while attending the Florence Heller Graduate School, Brandeis University (1985-1986). Also present are writings by others about Clifford.

Professional material in the collection includes files containing containing material on the American Association of Critical Care Nurses; the American Hospital Association; the American Organization of Nurse Executives; the American Society for Nursing Service Administrators; Beth Israel Hospital Nursing Practice Model Development; Boston University; and the University of Alabama, School of Nursing.

Photographs in the collection include, a series of photos of nurse training (1954); a photograph of the Saint Raphael Hospital Nursing School, New Haven, Class of 1956; a portrait photograph of University of Alabama, Birmingham Dr. Walter B. Frommeyer, inscribed to Clifford (1973); Clifford with Senator Edward Kennedy (1979); Clifford being honored at a Nursing Management Roast (1993); Clifford at an American Hospital Association retreat (1993); and Clifford with past Beth Israel Vice Presidents of Nursing, honoring Clifford’s 25th anniversary of service (1998). Photographs of visitors include Kulmala Prikko, Nurse-in-Chief, Hyvinkaa Hospital, Finland (1999). There are also photographs of Clifford receiving the Via Veritatis Medal from Elms College, Chicoppe, MA (2003); and undated photographs of Clifford related to awards ceremonies, celebrations, and conferences; as well as photos of Clifford with notable nursing figures Luther Christman and Virginia Henderson; Clifford with Ohio Senator John Glenn; Clifford with John Ryan, President of Indiana University; and Clifford with Princess Margaret at the First Annual Anna Regavaan Lecture. There are also photo albums of Clifford's professional trips to Japan, Finland, and Russia.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters related to the American Hospital Association (1990-1994); and several letters  from notable correspondents.  The latter include university professor and nursing administrator Luther Christman (1988-2002); nursing leader Leah Curtin (1983); international nursing director Muriel Poulin (1984); editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Nursing, Thelma Schorr (1986); and nurse researcher and author Virginia Henderson (1989). Other notable correspondents include Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger (1997); President of Boston University John R. Silber (1977); Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis (1983); US President Ronald Regan (1985); and Dr. Joachim W. Froelich, President of Elms College, concerning Clifford’s receiving the Via Veritatis Medal (2003). 

Printed material in the collection includes various brochures; nursing articles in Beth Israel Hospital publications (1978-1994); newspaper excerpts and clippings (1964-1994); the nursing services and programs newsletter for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 4 volumes bound (1982-2000); magazines and professional journals from various Tokyo schools of nursing (1983-2000); references to Clifford in U.S. publications; commencement program from Elms College, Chicopee, MA, during which Clifford was awarded the Via Veritatis Medal (2003); and other material.

There are scrapbooks documenting Clifford's career and service, including St. Anselm (1984-1989); Beth Israel Hospital (1988); Indiana University Honorary Doctorate of Science (1992); Nurse Manager, Adelaide Nutting Award (1995); and others.

Memorabilia in the collection consists of citations and certificates.  These include citations from the Massachusetts State Senate (1989 and 1990); the Massachusetts State House of Representatives (1989 and 1990); Governor's citations from John Sununu, NH (1985), Michael Dukakis, MA  (1989 and 1990), and William T. Weld, MA (1993); American Hospital Association Award of Honor (1990); Beth Israel Alumni Association (1991); Indiana School of Nursing, Jean Schmeer Lecture Award (1993); American Organization of Nurse Executives certificate of recognition (1996); certificate from Johnson and Johnson Wharton Fellows Program in Management for Nurses, University of Pennsylvania (1983); a certificate recognizing Fifteen Years of Service to Beth Israel Hospital (1988); a citation announcing the Clifford Scholarship Award, established at Beth Israel Hospital in honor of Joyce Clifford (1988); and a citation honoring Clifford from St. Anselm College (1989).

Audio recordings in the collection include cassette tapes of "Virginia Henderson: Seminars in Nursing" (1978); "Healthcare Delivery and Financing on Trial: Who’s Incentives Will Prevail?" (1997); "Nursing Strategic Directions"; and WGBH promos for "When a Heart Rebels: How Healthcare Got a Primary Nurse," in both cassette tape and compact disc formats (2010). 

Video recordings include cassette tapes of "A Virginia Henderson Tribute"; "Primary Nursing"; and a compilation tape of Clifford's appearance s on various national and local news programs (1985-1990).