Dana, Richard Henry, Jr. (1815-1882)
The Richard Henry Dana collection consists of three bound codices.  One of these items is two pieces bound together: a quartermaster's ledger titled "Fort Wayne" (Indiana), with entries dating from 1797 to 1798, bound together with an incomplete contemporary copy of Captain John Whipple's garrison orderly book, with entries dating from 1803 to 1804.  Another item present is a notebook with extensive notes on astronomy and history, dating ca. 1813.  The third item consists of bound manuscript notes, labeled as Adolph von Vangerow's "Lectures on the Pandects" volume 2, dated "Winter Semester 1848/49".  The notes appear to be written in a combination of Latin and German.
Notable Figures
1. Vangerow, Karl Adolph von, 1808-1870
Associated Subjects
1. Astronomy
2. Fort Wayne (Ind.)
3. History