Sorel, Edward (1929- )
The Edward Sorel collection includes artwork, manuscripts, printed material, photographs, correspondence, and audio recordings.
Artwork in the collection includes both original and printed illustrations.  Printed illustrations include: "Pass the Lord and Praise the Ammunition" (1967); "Guard and Safe" (1970); "Madonna at the Kabbala Center," from Certitude (2000); "Girolamo Savanarola: Bonfire of the Vanities," from Certitude (2009); and "Pope Leo X and Boyfriends," from Certitude (2009); a Moon Rising poster published by Simon and Schuster (1962); posters; book jackets (1978-1992); record album covers (1972); clippings (1966-2006); and “Home is Where the Art Is,” a poster for Metropolitan Museum of Art (2007).  Original artwork includes: "Revolt of the Liberals," pen and ink (1973); "The Producer," comic strip for Bragr Times (1974); "The Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in Reykjavik," comic strip from The Village Voice (1986); "Gertrude Stein and Edith Sitwell," for The Atlantic Monthly (1988); "Isaak Dinesen and Marilyn Monroe," for The Atlantic Monthly (1988); "There Had to be More to Life," comic strip from The New York Observer (1990); "Ronald Reagan," illustration from Washington Post Book World (1991); "Collette Meets Truman Capote," illustration from the series "First Encounter," in The Atlantic Monthly (1993); “John Paul Sartre Meets Simone de Beauvoir,” illustration from the series, “First Encounter,” in The Atlantic Monthly (1993); “Pocahontas Meets John Smith,” illustration from “First Encounter,” in The Atlantic Monthly (1993); "Tom Wolfe Disapproving of John Tavolta's White Suit," illustration for GQ Magazine (1996); "Reverend Jesse Jackson Asks for Mercy For Bill Clinton (after Gustave Dore," illustration for The Nation (1998); "Oscar Wilde Upsetting Queen Victoria," illustration for The New Yorker (2011); and others.   

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts of three speeches (2004) and a fragment draft of The Zillionaire's Daughter (1990).

Printed material in the collection includes advertising proofs (1975-2005); a file concerning magazine covers (1969-2003); and several magazines, including Show, Esquire, The Atlantic, Forbes, Columbia Journal Review, American Heritage,  Gentlemen's Quarterly, The Nation, A Matter of Wit, Print, and Vanity Fair.  The collection also includes clippings (1960s-2010s); magazine proofs (1984-2006), including page layout and color proofs; book covers; cards; flyers (1973-1986); an invitation for an exhibition of Sorel drawings (1991); an undated book jacket proof for A Colder Eye; and an issue of The Outsider's Newsletter (1964). Magazine covers in this section include Today's Living; Esquire; The Atlantic; Time; Forbes; Adweek; Columbia Journalism Review; Fortune International; Harper's; The Chicago Tribune Magazine; New York; The Nation; Mother Jones; The New Yorker; and Print.  

Photographs in the collection include black and white prints of Sorel in the studio and color prints of Sorel with his family.  Also present are color prints (1973-1978) and black and white prints (1973-1978) of artwork.

Correspondence in the collection dates between 1969-2000.   

Audio recordings consist of four record albums. 
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