Sorel, Edward (1929- )
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Edward Sorel collection includes artwork, manuscripts, printed material, photographs, correspondence, and audio recordings.
Artwork in the collection includes both original and printed illustrations.  Printed illustrations include: "Pass the Lord and Praise the Ammunition" (1967); "Guard and Safe" (1970); "Madonna at the Kabbala Center," from Certitude (2000); "Girolamo Savanarola: Bonfire of the Vanities," from Certitude (2009); and "Pope Leo X and Boyfriends," from Certitude (2009); a Moon Rising poster published by Simon and Schuster (1962); posters; book jackets (1978-1992); record album covers (1972); clippings (1966-2006); and “Home is Where the Art Is,” a poster for Metropolitan Museum of Art (2007).  Original artwork includes: "Revolt of the Liberals," pen and ink (1973); "The Producer," comic strip for Bragr Times (1974); "The Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in Reykjavik," comic strip from The Village Voice (1986); "Gertrude Stein and Edith Sitwell," for The Atlantic Monthly (1988); "Isaak Dinesen and Marilyn Monroe," for The Atlantic Monthly (1988); "There Had to be More to Life," comic strip from The New York Observer (1990); "Ronald Reagan," illustration from Washington Post Book World (1991); "Collette Meets Truman Capote," illustration from the series "First Encounter," in The Atlantic Monthly (1993); “John Paul Sartre Meets Simone de Beauvoir,” illustration from the series, “First Encounter,” in The Atlantic Monthly (1993); “Pocahontas Meets John Smith,” illustration from “First Encounter,” in The Atlantic Monthly (1993); "Tom Wolfe Disapproving of John Tavolta's White Suit," illustration for GQ Magazine (1996); "Reverend Jesse Jackson Asks for Mercy For Bill Clinton (after Gustave Dore," illustration for The Nation (1998); "Oscar Wilde Upsetting Queen Victoria," illustration for The New Yorker (2011); and others.   

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts of three speeches (2004) and a fragment draft of The Zillionaire's Daughter (1990).

Printed material in the collection includes advertising proofs (1975-2005); a file concerning magazine covers (1969-2003); and several magazines, including Show, Esquire, The Atlantic, Forbes, Columbia Journal Review, American Heritage,  Gentlemen's Quarterly, The Nation, A Matter of Wit, Print, and Vanity Fair.  The collection also includes clippings (1960s-2010s); magazine proofs (1984-2006), including page layout and color proofs; book covers; cards; flyers (1973-1986); an invitation for an exhibition of Sorel drawings (1991); an undated book jacket proof for A Colder Eye; and an issue of The Outsider's Newsletter (1964). Magazine covers in this section include Today's Living; Esquire; The Atlantic; Time; Forbes; Adweek; Columbia Journalism Review; Fortune International; Harper's; The Chicago Tribune Magazine; New York; The Nation; Mother Jones; The New Yorker; and Print.  

Photographs in the collection include black and white prints of Sorel in the studio and color prints of Sorel with his family.  Also present are color prints (1973-1978) and black and white prints (1973-1978) of artwork.

Correspondence in the collection dates between 1969-2000.   

Audio recordings consist of four record albums. 
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