Steel, Jean
The Jean Steel collection consists of manuscripts, professional material, correspondence, printed material, memorabilia, photographs, and audio/visual material.

Manuscripts in the collection includes drafts of speeches (1964-2006, not inclusive); a proposal on the clinical nurse specialist (1973); draft of a script for the ANA Awards Ceremony (1978); typed booklets on amputees, with hand-drawn illustrations; a draft of an autobiography of Steel (1987); a draft of Steel's dissertation, "The Effect of the Malpractice Insurance Crisis and the Nurse Practitioner" (1989); "Primary Health Care: A Plan for the Future" (1993); proposal drafts for "Primary Health Care: Nursing’s Plan for a Reformed, Restructured Health Care Delivery System"; and a number of essays on nursing in Massachusetts. Manuscript material not by Steel consists of an essay, "Jean E. Steel," by Karen Hart (1988).

Professional material includes a number of office files, arranged in alphabetical order. Office files may include correspondence, financial material, medical records, and printed material. The earliest file (chronologically) is Robert K. Funkhouser, MD (1972-1974), running through U.K. leadership (2001).  Other topics include: ANA; nursing conferences; submitted manuscripts; speeches; academic papers; the International Council of Nurses, and others. Subject files in the collection include: Steel's curriculum vitae (1980-1989); "Nursing: A Social Policy Statement Meeting" (1981-1982); Cabinet on Nursing Practice Advisory Group on "Nursing: A Social Policy Statement" (1984); "Certification and Assessment of Professional Competence: Toward an Improved Credentialing System in Nursing" (1984); the Michigan Nurses Association Convention (1989); and the Royal College of Nursing (1999).  General files include: "Mission Statements on Hospitals and Nurses" (1971-1972); bibliographies and committees (1973-1987); press releases (1973-1987); "Biography of Jean Steel"; job descriptions and applications (1984-1999); questionnaires and forms (1988-1992); "Ambulatory Patient and the Nurse Practitioner: Education, Practice, Research, and Organizational Issues – Mellon Conference on Acute and Critical Care Nursing"; "Massachusetts General Hospital Assessment of Nursing Education: Post-Hospital Care"; and "Preparing Nurses for Advanced Practice in Acute Care: Visiting Nurse Association" (1993).

General correspondence in the collection dates from 1984 to 2009. Other letters pertain to various topics, including:  National Joint Practice Commission (1976); Boston University position (1976-1988); U.S. Senate (1977); Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (1977-1978); Yale University School of Nursing (1982); congratulatory cards for Steel's Doctorate (1988); Hilda and David Peplau (1990-1991); Case Western Reserve University (1993); and AAN (1994).  

Printed material includes: programs from various convocations and conferences (1970-2005); Nursing Outlook (1970, 1978) brochures and pamphlets (1971-2005); Bostonia (1975, 1978); Newsweek (1977); The American Nurse (1977); American Medical News (1977); RN (1977-1978); The Boston Globe Magazine (1980); Nursing Alumni (1992); and The Boston Globe: Your Health (1994). There are also a number of professional nursing journals and university alumni publications.

Memorabilia in the collection includes a number of Steel campaign buttons for Nursing Association elections; a number of sketches related to the amputee pamphlet (1960); and a large antique doll house, with porcelain dolls and wooden furniture, used for the Young Mother’s Association, Boston Visiting Nurse Association (1892). Certificates and awards in the Steel collection include a diploma from the Laurel School (1953); an Associate’s Degree in Science diploma from Endicott Junior College (1955); University of the State of New York certification of Steel as a registered professional nurse (1960, 1977); notice of appearance in Outstanding Young Women of America (1971); Health Planning Council for Greater Boston Certificate of Appreciation (1971-1972); Massachusetts Nurses Association Past President Award (1971); Peter Bent Brigham Hospital Adult Nurse Practitioner’s Certificate of Completion (1974); International Council of Nurses and 3M Nomination of Jean Steel as a candidate for 3M-International Council of Nurses Fellowship Program; American Nurses Association official notice of contact hours (1986); Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions Certificate of Appreciation; and American Nurses Credentialing Center Certification as a Community Health Nurse (2000).

There are a number of photographs in the collection, dating from 1970 to 2005.

Audio/visual material consists of audio cassette tapes of a speech given by Boston University President John R. Silber to the Faculty of the School of Nursing (1987); and a VHS video cassette tape titled "Portrait of a Nurse" (1991).
Notable Figures
1. Steel, Jean E.