American Assembly for Men in Nursing
The American Assembly for Men in Nursing collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, videos, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection include of drafts of speeches related to various awards; and a position speech concerning "Men's Health Curriculum in Schools of Nursing" (2010). There are also treasurer's reports (2003-2006).

Correspondence in the collection includes general letters (1975-2011) with notable correspondence from Betty Ford and Gerald Ford.

Professional material in the American Assembly for Men in Nursing includes files regarding various topics (including printed material, correspondence,manuscripts, and electronic media).  Subjects include annual conferences (1988-2005); application dossiers for Best Nursing School or College Award for Men in Nursing (2006): the Rush University archives, Chicago, IL (2010-2011); and Diversity in Nursing (2009-2012).  Other m material includes contact information (1992-2010); Forms (2005); proposal concerning marketing and communications (2010); AAMN Member surveys (2010); agenda for conference board meeting (2010); an application for recognition as a Chapter of the AAMN (2010); strategic planning meetings (2009-2010); board meeting reports (2010-2011); meeting minutes (2004-2008); and AAMN By-Laws.

Video recordings include DVDs of The AAMN Awards (2009); Career Encounters: Men in Nursing (2006); and Men in Nursing: Strong, Proud, Independent (2009), prepared by The California Institute for Nursing and Health Care.

Printed material in the collection includes multiple sets of revised by-laws for the AAMN (2014); Annual Conference guidebooks (1982-2014, some years include strategic plan updates; slide presentation printouts; and general membership meeting minutes); Interaction Newsletter (1981-2014) as well as Interaction Newsletter Winter (2003); Internet printouts concerning University of North Carolina Health Care and Nursing Awards (2007); programs from the Luther Christman Awards Dinner (2009-2014) as well as programs from the AAMN Conference (2009-2011); an AAMN Recruitment Pamphlet (2013) and a brochure concerning Men’s Health and the AAMN; reports documenting the University of North Carolina Hospitals (2002-2007); Southeastern Region Medical Center Professional Schools, Joint Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and AAMN Conference (2010); and fliers for University of North Carolina Healthcare and AAMN Conferences (1991-2010).