Kauffmann, Stanley (1916-2013)

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The Stanley Kauffmann collection includes printed material, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, manuscripts, financial material, legal material, audio material, memorabilia, professional material, scrapbooks, journals, and notebooks.

Printed material includes files, clippings, magazines, proofs, posters, pamphlets, journals, and other materials. Files include materials pertaining to film criticism, specific movies, The New Republic, and Kauffmann’s own writing, among other materials.

Correspondence in the collection consists of both professional and personal letters. Professional correspondence includes various letters to and from Kauffmann regarding his writing as a film critic, other literary critics, and movies in general. Professional letters date from the 1940s through the early 2010s with notables Michelangelo Antonioni, Ray Bradbury, Kirk Douglas, Roger Elbert, Irvin Faust, John Gielgold, Rex Harrison, Dustin Hoffman, Elia Kazan, Stanley Kubrick, Shirley MacLaine, Arthur Miller, Michael Moore, Joyce Carol Oates, Walter Shawn, Ben Stein, Emma Thompson, Christopher Walken, Evelyn Waugh, and Billy Wilder, among others. Subjects of these letters include Kauffmann’s books on literary criticism, his articles (both for The New York Times and for the New Republic), and financial and legal matters, among other topics. Personal letters consist of communications with Kauffmann’s wife, Laura Cohen Kauffmann, birthday and holiday cards, postcards, and other general communications.  

Photographs include color prints, black and white prints, and negatives. These include Kauffmann receiving the George Jean Nathan Award (1974), professional events and parties, and feature notables such as Stanley Kubrick, Billy Wilder, and others. The series also includes personal photographs of Kauffmann and his family, ranging from early childhood into the 21st century, and many vacation photographs.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of files, including materials pertaining to various films and works of literary criticism, among other topics. Manuscripts also include various plays, essays and articles, poems, short stories, interviews, screenplays, book drafts, and material written by Kauffmann and others, among other materials.

Financial material includes files regarding Europe from 1956 to 1957 and Kauffmann’s homeowner policies from the 1990s.

Legal material consists of various contracts for publications and copyrights, passports and other official documents, as well as various documents relating to Kauffmann’s will.

Audio material in the collection includes cassettes, CDs, and records of lectures, interviews, and acting material by Kauffmann, among other materials.

Memorabilia includes various awards, including the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism (1972-1973) and the Edwin Booth Award (1986), among others; documents and files relating to these awards; yearbooks; information regarding Kauffmann’s family, and other materials.

Professional material in the collection includes files ranging from 1954 to 2011, regarding Kauffmann’s film critic career at The New Republic and his career as a whole. Notable topics include books A Change of Climate (1954), American Film Criticism from the Beginnings to “Citizen Kane” (1972); films Gone With the Wind (1939), The Great Dictator, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Lolita (1962), The Birds (1963), In Cold Blood (1966), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Full Metal Jacket (1987), Schindler’s List (1993); plays West Side Story, Hair, and Les Miserables; among many others. Professional material also contains agenda books, articles about Kauffmann’s reviews, and other materials. 

Also included in the collection are scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, press clippings, and programs ranging from 1937 to 1977; journals from 1964 to 1967; and several datebooks with personal notes. 

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1. Kauffmann, Stanley, 1916-2013
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