Portnoy, Frances

The Frances Portnoy collection contains manuscripts, printed materials, professional materials, and correspondence.


Manuscripts in the collection include three files titled “Memoir” (2009); “Papers/Presentations” (1965-1993); and “PhD Thesis Sociology 1975 – Brandeis University” (1975).


Printed materials in the collection include one file titled “Retirement” (1988-2014); one newsletter titled “UMass Boston Retired Faculty Newsletter” (2012); and general photocopies from the mid-1970s to the late 2010s.


Professional materials in the collection include files titled “Grand Addendum: The Nursing Home as Part of a Family and Community-based Service System” (2001); “Re: Fulbright Report” (1996); “Re: presentations and lectures” (1980-2010); “Re: proposals and grants” (1977-2014); and “Re: resumes” (1943-2006).


Correspondence in the collection includes general letters from 1964 to 2011.