Frye, Richard N. (1920-2014)
The Richard Frye collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, photographs, and other materials.

In addition to miscellaneous manuscripts by Frye, the collection includes manuscripts for books, articles, and a speech by others. Collected items include Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh, "Patterned Creation and Structured Destruction: Pastoral and Irrigation Landscapes on the Mughan Steppe, Northwestern Iran" by Karim Alizadeh and Jason A. Ur, "Splendeurs et Miseres: Toward a Text of Ovids Metamorphoses" by R.J. Tarrant, "Religion and Philosophy in Ibn Khaldun's Critique of Sufism" by J.R. Morris, and a lecture titled "Faith and Belief" by Wilfred Cantwell Smith. Additional items include various untitled manuscripts by Frye and others, as well as foreign language manuscripts.  

Correspondence in the collection includes personal letters to family, professional correspondence (1946-94), and general correspondence (2001-2011).

Printed materials consist of journals (1961-2011), booklets (1963-2009), newsletters (1998-2007), programs (1997-2004), photocopies (1971-2003), and internet printouts (2000-2003). Also present are files titled "Asia Society" (1992-2001) and "Melammu" (2002), a 2003 catalogue titled "Treasures of the Yenching," and a 1998 issue of Aramco World magazine. Periodicals, book excerpts, comics, and offprints constitute additional printed materials.

Professional materials include resumes, syllabi, itineraries, and an array of subject files. Specific files include material on Arabia, Mithra, Pashto, Sogdian, and more.

Research materials contain printed material, notes, and correspondence regarding Central Asia, Shayegan, geography, and historiography, as well as numerous items addressing past civilizations in present-day Iran.  

Collected photographs include both color and black and white prints, as well as one negative. Of particular interest are photos regarding a Mihragen ceremony and archaeological artifacts and sites.

Other items in the collection include a reel-to-reel tape detailing Persian pronunciation and a set of galley proofs for The Monuments of Afghanistan.
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