Jones, Sarah (1973- )

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The Sarah Jones collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, printed material, professional material, legal material, financial material, film and video, audio material, photographs, notebooks, electronic media, scrapbooks, and medical records, and research material.

Manuscripts in the collection include poetry and stories, stage plays, telelplays, and scripts, among other items. Poetry and stories in the series includes Jones’ old poetry from 1994 to 1998, as well as poetry and stories from 1995 to 1998. Stage plays consist of Abu Mutae’a and Bridge & Tunnel, and teleplays include The Sarah Jones Show and a fragment of Gangs for Peace. The series also contains Jones’ script and drafts for The Sarah Jones Show (2003-2004), notes from conferences and talks, ARC scripts (2005-2009), and scripts with notes for Bridge & Tunnel (2004-2005).

Correspondence in the collection includes Broadway Thank-Yous to notable persons, including Michael Alden, Anouk, Al Pacino, Natasha Richardson, and Diane Sawyer, among others; correspondence regarding The Sarah Jones Show (2004); communication with the Jewish Fund for Justice (2003), the National Coalition against Censorship (2006), Netflix (2007), and Planned Parenthood (2007); and general correspondence from 2001 to 2007, among other items.

Memorabilia in the collection includes awards, certificates, citations, and costumes. Awards and certificates include the Kalbie Award (2004); The Drama League Outstanding Performance Certificate (2004); the Broadway Artistic Excellence Award (2005); and the Brendan Gill Prize (2007), among others. Also included are citations from the Massachusetts State Senate and Massachusetts House of Representatives (2005), and costume pieces from Bridge & Tunnel.

Printed material in the collection includes pamphlets, flyers, booklets, programs, posters, stationary, newspapers, and magazines, among other items. Pamphlet, flyer, program, and poster materials are regarding Bridge & Tunnel, while newspaper and magazine materials are comprised of a section from the NY Times Metropolitan (2011), Ms. (2000), Utne Reader (2002), and the Smithsonian (2007). Other items in the series includes Kellogg’s promotional material (2005); Broadway Press documents (2005-2006); and articles on Jones and Bridge & Tunnel.

Professional material comprises a large portion of the collection, and consists primarily of files regarding Jones’ involvement with different events, conferences, societies, and ceremonies. Notable material includes Jones’ involvement with or regarding: the Universal Music Group (2003-2005); Democracy Now (2008); the Gotham Awards (2007); the Boston Initiative to Advance Human Rights (2010); Equality Now and the Equality Now benefit (2000-2012); and a White House visit (2013). The series also contains schedules and show and rehearsal sketch orders (2003).

Legal material in the collection includes Jones’ documents and I.D.s; a patent for FedUp (2002-2003); material regarding Bridge & Tunnel (2004); and a Warner Brothers Contract (2007), among other items.

Financial material in the collection includes public interest projects (2002); Broadway Invoices (2005-2006); and material regarding Big Dada Recordings and Bridge & Tunnel’s production (2005-2006), among other items.

Film and video material in the collection consists primarily of DVDs of Jones’ interviews, TED talks, and performances. There are also tapes of rehearsals and sketches on mini DV cassettes.

Audio material in the collection consists of CD’s and cassettes, which are primarily regarding Jones’ albums and interviews, show audio, and general CD’s, such as theme music.

Photographs in the collection include Jones’ family photos (1977-1998); headshots and portraits (1999-2003); and color prints (2001-2007), including notables such as Anne Archer, Michael Bloomberg, Melissa Joan Hart, and Meryl Streep.

Notebooks in the collection consist of reporter’s notebooks (2003); Jones’ notes regarding B&T productions (2006) and legal pad (2006); and a spiral bound notebook.

Electronic media in the collection includes CD’s and external hard drives containing Jones’ backed up computer files, which consist of email correspondence, files and documents, photographs, material for The Sarah Jones Show, and  press kits and press and promotional material.

Scrapbooks in the collection contain material regarding publishing companies such as the Sarah Jones Press (1998-2004); International Regional Press (2000-2005); and Broadway Press (2005-2006), along with press clippings for Bridge & Tunnel (2004-2006).

Medical records in the collection include Jones’ health and exercise files (2006); medical records (2003-2008); and a record from the New York Department of Health and Mental Health (2010), among other records.

Research material in the collection consists of a file on ARC research (2006).

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