Douglas, Michael (1944- )

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he Michael Douglas Collection consists of printed materials, manuscripts, film and video, photographs, professional materials, correspondence, wardrobe, audio materials, legal materials, financial materials, electronic media, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and artwork.


Printed materials in the collection include files, screenplays, and posters, and general printed materials. Files in the collection pertain to Douglas’s productions and projects from the 1980s to the 1990s, such as A Chorus Line; Basic Instinct, Coma, and Romancing the Stone, among others.


Posters in the collection pertain to Douglas’s movies, such as The American President (1995); Black Rain (1989); Disclosure (1994); Falling Down (1993); The Ghost in the Darkness (1996); The Jewel of the Nile (1985); The Rainmaker (1997); Romancing the Stone (1984); and The War of the Roses (1989), among others.


Other printed materials include booklets, maps, business cards, postcards, fliers, internet printouts, reviews, and programs, among other items.

Manuscripts in the collection include screenplays from the 1980s to the 2010s – including Basic Instinct (1990-1991); The China Syndrome (n.d.); and Kings of California, among others –; several speeches; two teleplays from Saturday Night Live (1984) and To Live: America Celebrates Israel’s 50th; one novel draft of Last Tango in Brooklyn by Kirk Douglas; two outlines for The China Syndrome (1976) and Still Life (1988); and one stageplay for Muzeeka (1968), among other items.


Film and video in the collection include VHS tapes, DVDs, LaserDiscs, U-Matic Cassettes, Mini DV tapes and other items. VHS tapes include tapes of That Magic Season: NBA Playoffs and Finals (1980); Steaming (1984); 46th Golden Globe Awards (1989); The Ghost and the Darkness (1995-1996); Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament (1999); and Some Like it Hot (n.d.), among others.


DVDs include Guys and Dolls (1955); The Aviator (2004); The Honors: A Salute to American Heroes by The American Veterans Center (2015); and Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2004), among others.


LaserDiscs include Romancing the Stone (1984); The Jewel of the Nile (1986); Wall Street (1988); The Star Chamber (1989); The War of the Roses (1989); Shining Through (1992); and Basic Instinct: Director’s Cut (1993).


U-Matic cassettes include three cassettes of The Ghost and the Darkness from 1996 and Paramount Pictures Sabrina “Harrison Review” (1995).


Mini DV tapes in the collection include “M.D. & Friends Golf” (2000); “Traffic Premiere” (2000); “Wonder Boys Premiere” (2000); “Costa Nord – Master” (n.d.); “To Michael from Danny (n.d.)”; “Traffic” (2000); and “WB Press Junket” (n.d.).


Other film and video includes Betacams, D-1s, and DV-Cams.


Photographs include albums, files, negatives, personal photographs, production stills, film stills, professional photographs, oversized photographs, and general photographs. Albums include “A Chorus Line” (1985) inscribed by Richard Attenborough, “The Game World Premiere” (1997); Handprint ceremony at Mann’s Chinese Theater (1997); “Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl” (2004); “Cary’s swimming lessons” (2006); “Stand Up To Cancer” (2012); and two albums of Douglas on vacation with family and friends labeled “MD” and “Un Poco De Paraiso” (n.d.); among others.


Files include various items from the 1970s to the 1990s, including “Fatal Attraction Publicity: Photographs of Premiere Adrian Lyne, Glenn Close, etc.” (1987); “’Wall Street’ – Misc. Publicity Shots” (1988-1997); as well as several other files pertaining to Douglas’s film career and personal life. Notable among these are a file of wedding photographs with Catherine Zeta-Jones (2000) and several files of head shots from various productions.


Negatives include various headshots and vacation photos with no date.


Personal photographs in the collection include a color print of Michael Douglas with Diandra Luker and Cameron Douglas; black and white photographs; and color prints, which include printed and professional materials.


Production stills include those from productions such as Black Rain; The China Syndrome; and It Runs in the Family, as well as an unknown stage play from 1993. Other production stills feature notables such as Jack Lemmon, Diana Douglas, and Kirk Douglas.


Film stills include those from Adam at 6 A.M.; A Perfect Murder; The China Syndrome; Coma; Disclosure; Falling Down; Hail, Hero!; It Runs in the Family; It’s My Turn; Jewel of the Nile; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Shining Through; Streets of San Francisco; and War of the Roses.


Professional photographs include production shots and events and appearances, among others. Production shots span the 1970 to the 2000s and include production shots from A Chorus Line; Adam at 6 A.M.; The American President; The China Syndrome; Fatal Attraction; It’s My Turn; It Runs in the Family; Jewel of the Nile; Romancing the Stone; and Shining Through.


Events and appearances include pictures of the cast of Made in America; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, among other items. Notable in these are several items featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones; Dennis Miller; and Diane Lane.


Oversized photographs include personal and professional photographs. Included in the oversized personal photographs are several family photographs featuring Cameron Douglas, Kirk Douglas, and other family members. Oversized professional photographs include those from productions such as Coma (1978); It Runs in the Family (2003); and eight mounted photographs from The Streets of San Francisco (1972-1977).


General photographs include various photographs from charity events, movie premieres, film festival appearances, and family photographs, among others, spanning the 1970’s to the 2000’s. Prominent in these are photographs taken with family members, including wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, his children, and his parents. Other notables include President George W. and First Lady Laura Bush; President Bill and First Lady Clinton; President and George Clooney; Danny DeVito; Jane Fonda; Samuel L. Jackson; Don Rickles; Sharon Stone; Robin Williams; and Bruce Willis, among others. Prominent among these are the “Rock and Roll” photographs by Jim Marshall, which feature The Beatles; Johnny Cash; Ray Charles; Miles Davis; Jimmy Hendrix; Janice Joplin; John Lennon; Jim Morrison; and The Who, among others.

Correspondence in the collections includes files, professional correspondence, professional correspondence, and other items. Files span the 1980s to the 1990s and are largely composed of materials pertaining to his projects and awards, such as “Academy Awards Congratulations – 1988”; A Chorus Line (1984-1985); and “Joel Douglas” (1990-1991), among others.


Professional correspondence include materials from the 1970s to the early 2010s pertaining to film projects, philanthropy, fan mail, congratulations, press inquiries, and Douglas’s assistant.


General correspondence includes items from the late 1960s to the 2010s. Featured are notables such as his family members; Alec Baldwin; Danny DeVito; The Eagles (band); John Kerry; Matt Lauer; Paul McCartney; Diana Ross; and Barbara Walters, among others. Also contained in general correspondence are wedding invitations and RSVP responses, including notables such as Art Garfunkel, Mikhail Gorbachev, Danielle Steel, and Jack Valenti, among others.


Wardrobe in the collection includes costumes, hanging costumes, and other items. Costumes include items from Douglas’s movies, such as The American President; Behind the Candelabra; Disclosure; Jewel of the Nile; and Wall Street, among others. Hanging costumes in the collection include items from The American President, The Game, The In-Laws, It Runs in the Family, among others. Other costumes include personal and hanging personal wardrobe pieces.


Audio materials in the collection include records, CDs, cassette tapes, reel-to-reels, and PDP 65 cassettes. 78 rpm records include The Golden Years Vol. 2 by Billie Holiday; No More Comics by Yuyu Uchida; and the soundtrack to Fatal Attraction, among other items. 45 rpm records include Dangerous by Michael Jackson and one untitled record.


CDs include the soundtrack to A Chorus Line; the soundtrack to Ghost; and Building a Bridge to the 21st Century: An American Journey, among other items.


Cassette tapes include Love Zone by Billy Ocean; the soundtrack to Jewel of the Nile; and a tape of Romancing the Stone, among other items.


Reel-to-reels include “Romancing the Stone: DeVito Wild Lines” (1984); “China Syndrome 132 441 7.5 IPS mono roll” (n.d.); and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: 71/2 IPS Mono” (n.d.), among other items.


PDP 65 cassettes include tapes of “The Sentinel – Mult. Rounds 4/9/06 (Box 77).”


Legal materials in the collection include files, contracts and negotiations, and other items. Files in the collection include “Release Forms” (1991-1996); “Mercury Entertainment Corp., legal and Financial Correspondence 1984-1988”; and “Wildcat Ranch” (1991), among other items. Contracts and negotiations include various materials from 1994 pertaining to Wildcat Ranch, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and a new California liability company act. Other legal materials include a DMV registration card from 1991 and a summary of political finance law from 1994.


Financial materials in the collection include paperwork and proposals for Costa Nord (1998-1999).


Electronic media includes a floppy disc of MD: A Retrospective Film by John Arvanites (n.d.); CD-Roms of personal and professional photos from the late 1990s to the 2010s; and a CD containing the Wall Street AVI File.


Memorabilia in the collection includes awards, files, movie props, among other items. Awards include a Video Award for Actor of the Year (1989); “Presented to Michael Douglas with Gratitude” by America Salutes Israel at 50; and a bronze medal from the City of Farmington, NM.


Files in the collection include “Romancing the Stone Award, Motion Picture Golden Reel Award” (1984); “Dylan and Carys” (n.d.); and “Re: Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner information and user manual” (1992), among other items.


Movie props in the collections include items from The American President, Jewel of the Nile, The Game, and Wall Street, among other items.


Other memorabilia includes plaques, certificates, clothing, stamps, coins, and juvenilia, among other items.


Scrapbooks include “Auf der Jagd nach dem grünen Diamanten” (1984) and “Il Gioiello del Nilo” (1985).


Artwork in the collection includes various files; drawings – which include storyboard from The China Syndrome and a draft of a poster for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, among other items – and prints.

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