Makechnie, George (1907-2005)

The George Makechnie collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, audio, film and video, photographs, scrapbooks, artwork, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts include The Black Experience and 12 Graduates – Their Trials and their Triumphs by George Mackechnie and Lisa C. Libbares; 70 Stories about Boston University: 1923-1993; and Optimal Health: The Quest.

Correspondence includes professional correspondence from the 1950s to the early 2000s; items from the 1960s to the 1980s from notables Congressman Paul M. Cronin, Congressman Harold D. Donahue, Congressman Floyd H. Flake, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, and Howard Thurman, among others.

Printed materials include news clippings (1930-2002); a script for Dateline Boston; an outline for “Do Americans Have Sufficient Health’s Energy in this Modern Era?” (1959) for the Boston Symposium; items pertaining to the Sargent College Commencement; and yearbooks, among other items.

Professional material includes subject files. Subject files includes “About GKM” (1961-1988); “Awards”; “Civil Affairs Training School” (1943); and “GKM Writings Misc. I,” among other items pertaining to the Howard Thurman Center, various writings, and university events.

Audio materials include cassette tapes. Cassette tapes include “Dean Makechnie – Chapel Presentation on Side 1 Only”; “Sargent Luncheon Speeches – 10/21/79”; “Marsh Chapel Service 1/12/97; 90th Birthday”; “George Makechnie: ‘History of Sargent College’ – January 25, 1985; Pars 1 and 2 on 1st tape, Part 3 on 2nd”; “’We Love You, Dean George’ From 90th – 1997”; and “S.A.W. Crown Forum – Charles Adams – April 1, 1999.”

Film and video includes a film reel titled Movietone News.

Photographs include items from the Boston University Sargent College of Allied Health Professionals convocation to honor Makechnie (1972); black and white prints from the dedication to Makechnie from the Institutional Resource Center; items pertaining to the reunion luncheon (2004); and black and white prints from a bookstore reading.

Scrapbooks include “George K. Makechnie, in Celebration of January 6, 1987”; “GKM in the News” (1929-1947); and other untitled scrapbooks pertaining to Makechnie’s retirement and ch of “Sargent College’s 50th Anniversary.

Artwork includes a sketch of “Dr. Sargent’s School” by Diuer.

Memorabilia includes a statement of appreciation for service in honoring Thurman; a medal honoring outstanding service to his alma mater (1971); and awards, among other items.