Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Gordon, Marchioness of, 1857-1939
Notable Figures
1. Roosevelt, Theodore Collection.
ALS from Theodore Roosevelt, Jan. 14, 1918 (Oyster Bay), 2 p.
2. Waltham Training School for Nurses Collection.
Letter, copy of, to Florence Nightingale, 1897.
3. Burchenal, Elizabeth Collection.
Letters (2) to Elizabeth and Rugh Burchenal, dated Oct. 26, and Nov. 23rd, 1928 (holographs).
Letter to Sir Thomas Royden dated Oct. 17, 1928 (copy).
Letter from T. Royden dated Oct. 15, 1928 (copy).
Address delivered Feb. 1st, 1916 [in N. Y. City] (typescript of 9 l. with ms. annotations).
Leaflet announcing introduction of folk dancing in Irish schools as a result of Lady Aberdeen's visit to N. Y. City in 1913 and her meeting with Miss Burchenal (3 p. printed).
Photograph of the Aberdeens and MIss Burchenal.