Bartley, William Warren, 1934-
Notable Figures
1. Cohen, Robert S. Collection.
a. Correspondence.
b. Newspaper clippings
c. Reprints of papers by W. Bartley.
(i) “Theory of language and philosophy of science as instruments of educational reform: Wittgenstein and Popper as Austrian Schoolteachers.”
(ii) “The Philosophy of Karl Popper. Part II, Consciousness and Physics.”
(iii) “Theories of Demarcation between Science and Metaphysics.”
(iv) “Lewis Carroll’s Lost Book on Logic.”
d. Manuscripts by W. Bartley, all TS.
(i) “Knowledge is a product not fully known to its producer.”
(ii) “A Popperian Harvest.”
e. W. Bartley, “Through the Logical Microscope on the Far Side of the Looking Glass: Lewis Carroll’s Logical Problems,” copy.