A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Daly, James, 1918-1978
(Rathbone, Basil Collection.)
Daly, Mel
(Daly, Tyne Collection.)
6 cards, 5 ALS 1989-1990, 6 photographs
Daly, Patricia
(Waugh, Alec Collection.)
TLS, Nov. 18, 1973.
Daly, Tyne
(Harris, Julie Collection.)
ANS from Tyne Daly to Julie Harris, 1 p., no date.
2 photographs (color prints) of Tyne Daly, 2005.
Photograph (color print) of Julie Harris and Tyne Daly, undated.
Photograph (color print) of group; includes Helen Mirren, Tyne Daly, Kevin Spacey, Christine Baranski, Mary-Louise Parker, Julie Harris and others, 2005.
Dalzell, John, 1845-1927
(Bell, Alexander Graham Collection.)
TLS from Alexander Graham Bell, Jan. 9, 1907.
Dalzell, John, 1845-1927
(Roosevelt, Theodore Collection.)
TLS from T. Roosevelt, Feb. 24, 1903.
TLS from T. Roosevelt, Feb. 27, 1908.
TLS from T. Roosevelt, June 8, 1908.
Dalziel [illustrator]
(Bullard, F. Lauriston Collection.)
Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880
Letter to Dalziel dated January 16.
3.5 p., 18.5 cm.
Dame, Harriet Patience, 1815-1900
(American Nurses Association Collection.)
Enlarged photograph mounted on posterboard.
Damer, Annie
(American Nurses Association Collection.)
Enlarged photograph mounted on posterboard.
Damon, Matt
(Chasman, David Collection.)
"Good Will Hunting," screenplay by Damon and Ben Affleck.
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