A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Eaton, Daniel Izaak Vernon
(Eaton, Evelyn collection.)
Articles about Daniel I. V. Eaton.
Letter to Daniel I. V. Eaton from Frederick Sleigh Roberts (First Earl of Roberts).
Eaton, Dorman Bridgman, 1823-1899
(Roosevelt, Theodore Collection.)
ANS from T. Roosevelt, Feb. 25, 1890 (Washington, D.C.), 1 p.
Eaton, Evelyn Sybil Mary, 1902-
(Bothwell, Jean Collection.)
Eaton, Evelyn Sybil Mary, 1902-
(Robins, Natalie Collection.)
Letters to Natalie Robins (8 TLS, 5 ALS, 1 TNS, 1 ANS, 1 postcard), 1966, 1971-1972.
Eaton, Evelyn Sybil Mary, 1902-
(Rama Rau, Santha Collection.)
Statement about Home to India by Santha Rama Rau, typescript with holograph note, 1 p.
Eaton, Evelyn Sybil Mary, 1902-
(Sorensen, Virginia Collection.)
Eaton, Herbert, 1928-
(King, Martin Luther Jr. Collection. )
TLS to MLK, 1 p.
Eaton, John, 1829-1906
(Sanborn, Franklin B. Collection.)
4 ALS and 2 TLS to Franklin B. Sanborn, Mar. 28, 1880 -- Feb. 9, 1885.
Eaton, Joseph Giles, 1847-1908
(Military Historical Society Collection.)
Letter (ALS) dated U.S.S. Resolute, at Sea, July 10, 1898, to John Codman Ropes describing the battle of Santiago, July 3d at Morro Castle and the prisoners taken on after the battle. Encloded is a pen sketch of the relative positions of the American fleet at the Battle. 13 p. and map. [BB 17]

Letter (TLS). In Ropes, J.C. Subject file under SEVEN DAYS. [BB 25]
Eaton, Walter Prichard, 1878-1957
(Bartlett, Truman H. Collection.)
Letter to Truman Bartlett dated Stockbridge, Mass., May 3 '15.
1 p., 28 cm.
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