A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Gage, Nicholas
(Ascoli, Max Collection.)
Gage, Thomas, 1721-1787
(First Corps of Cadets Collection.)
Letter of dismissal of John Hancock as Captain of the Governor's Company of Cadets, Salem, August 1, 1774 and signed by his secretary, (Flucker). 13 x 11 in. framed. Old no. 1419. The frame of cedar was taken from the mansion house of John Hancock when the house was demolished in 1863. Presented by Charles L. Hancock, March 28, 1867. cf. his letter of March 28, 1867. [A 134]

Letter of dismissal of John Hancock as Captain of the Governor's Company of Cadets, dated Salem, August 1, 1774 and signed by his secretary (Flucker). 1 p. Manuscript copy of the original. For the original see A134. [A 142]

Transcript of his verbal reply to the Cadets upon the return of their standard to him, as recorded by Gabriel Jokonnot, Bossenger Foster and Samuel Pitts. [August 18, 1774] 1 p. For a parody of this reply in verse, see Winthrop, G.T. History of the Cadets, [p. 6] [A 143]

Massachusetts, 1st Corps of Cadets. [Letter] to Governor Gage upon the occasion of the return of the Cadet Standard and the announcement of their disbandment because of Hancock's dismissal. Signed D.I. [i.e. Duncan Ingraham, jr.] by order if the Co. Dated Boston, August 15, 1774. 1 p. On verson is a notation that the corps organized a committee to take this message with their standard to Gage and that the message was certified by Ingraham. If it were read to the Governor then this could be the origianl draft (mdh). [A 154]

Massachusetts, 1st Corps of Cadets. Letter to John Hancock expressing appreciation for his service to the Cadets after his dismissal by Governor Gage. Dated Boston, August 18, 1774 and signed by fifty-two cadets. 4 p. [A 155]

Sever, James Warren, 1797-1871. Letter to Major Jefferies sending him copies from the minutes [of the Cadets?] concerning the removal by Governor Gage of John Hancock. Dated Boston, 9 April, 1867. 3 p. Mention is made of the inclusion of a copy of the text of the Cadets' appreciation to John Hancock, that was signed by forty-seven members. (The original draft has fifty-two signatures.) [A 159]

Letter of dimissal of John Hancock as Captain of the Governor's Company of Cadets dated Salem, August 1, 1774 and signed by his secretary. 9 x 7 in. framed to 14 x 15 in., no. 1426. Photostat. [A 244]
Gage, Thomas, 1721-1787
(Bortman, Mark and Llora and Foxcroft and Mayhew Family Papers.)
Letter-book containing copies of dispatches to the Earl of Darthmouth with a few from Dartmouth to Gage, dated January 28th to OCtober 15th, 1775, with heading on first leaf "Massachusetts Bay, 1775"
340 p., 24 cm.
Gage, Thomas, 1721-1787
(Richards Manuscript Collection.)
ALS, Oct. 26, 1762.
Gaghan, Stephen
(Chasman, David Collection.)
"Traffic," screenplay by Gaghan, 145 p.
Gagnebin, Henri, 1886-1977
(Francescatti, Zino Collection.)
Letter. TLS, Dec. 19, 1949.
Gahringer, Robert E.
(Partisan Review Collection.)
Gailor, Thomas Frank, 1856-1935
(Roosevelt, Theodore Collection.)
TLS from T. Roosevelt, Jan. 11, 1900 (Albany), 1 p.
Gaines, David P.
(King, Martin Luther Jr. Collection. )
ALS to MLK from David P. Gaines, 2 p.
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-
(Brookhouse, Christopher Collection.)
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