A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Inch, Robert A.
(Manuscript File Collection.)
TLS (photocopy) to Thomas E. Dewey, 1 p., Oct. 8, 1948.
[Filed with Bruchhausen, Walter.]
Inches, Henderson
(First Corps of Cadets Collection.)
History of the Cadets, transcribed from a manuscript copied by Col. Henderson Inches. 1 pkg. Included is the original copy by Inches, a copy on which Col. Edmands appended a note that it was made from Col. Henry Felt Baker's history; and a letter to Edmands from Martin B. Inches dated March 10, 1891, presenting the two copies. [A 194]
(Ingersoll, Ralph Collection.)
Windsor, William. Indenture agreement dated January 12, 1828.
(Manuscript File Collection.)
Mahoney, Elenour. Indenture to Joseph Sanders, master of Friendship Brigantine of Boston, for four years. May 22, 1731. 1 leaf. On verso of manuscript are four changes in ownership of the indenture, with signatures of owners and witnesses. Among latter is that of Samuel Oakman, relative of donor of this manuscript, Otis Briggs Oakman (CLA 1932).

Meech, Abigail. Indenture to John Meech in Preston, Newlondon County, Mar. 15, 1773.
Independent corps of cadets, the
(First Corps of Cadets Collection.)
Gore, Henry Watson, 1842- comp.
The Independent corps of cadets of Boston, Mass., at Fort Warren, Boston harbor, in 1862, comp. by H.W. Gore. Boston, Press of Rockwell and Churchill, 1888.
447 p. incl. ports. 26 cm.
Pages [31]-447 printed on one side of leaf. Label pasted on fly leaf: "...Limited to one hundred copies of which this copy is no. 83."
[A 360]
Indianapolis (Cruiser)
(Newcomb, Richard Collection.)
Newcomb, Richard F.
Manuscripts and other papers re: his book Abandon Ship.
(Rare Books HGARC Bortman YZ1207.F481)
Effingham, Lord Howard. Letter to William Penn thanking him for information respecting the Indians, dated New York, 1 July, 1684.
1 p. 29 cm. cf. Sotheby & Co., Harmsworth catalogue, no. A737.

American Plantations: Transcript of a memorandum on the defense and government of the Colonies and of Nova Scotia, headed "Mississippi" and signed by J. Chetwynd, P. Dominique, M. Bladen and E. Ashe, dated Whitehall, Sept. 18, 1721 and addressed to the King. 40 p. 34 cm. cf. no. 4962, Sotheby & Co., Harmsworth catalogue.
(Bortman, Mark and Llora and Foxcroft and Mayhew Family Papers.)
Clinton, George 1739-1812. Letter to President Washington, dated New York, 26th November, 1790. 2 p., 32 cm. Concerning troubles with the Indians in Michigan.

Eliot, John, 1604-1690. Letter to the Reverend Thomas Shepard of Charlestown, dated August 22, 1673. 2 p., 30.5 cm. From the library of the Mathers, presented to Boston University by Mark Bortman in memory of Augustus P. Loring, Jr. Etching of John Eliot preaching to the Indians, collotype and printed transcript of letter with notes by R.E. Moody accompanying, and a folder of correspondence concerning this letter.

Mayhew Family, Papers and letters (1648-1774). 139 items. Included are letters of Experience, Jonathan and other members of the family as well as correspondence by them, also a copy of Experience Mayhew's will. The major part of these papers concerns religious questions of the day.

Washington, George, pres. U.S., 1732-1799. Letter to Colonel Daniel Brodhead concerning the need for good understanding with the Delaware Indians dated May 10, 1779. 6 p. 30 cm. With MS notes of receipt of letter on June 3d on separate sheet.
(Stone, Edward C. Collection.)
Williamson, Hugh, 1735-1819.
Letter to Samuel Johnson dated New York, Oct. 13th, 1788
3 p., 25.5 cm.
Concerns claims of the states to the Federal government, the protection of Indians in No. Carolina and the possibility of an Indian war in the West.
Portrait included.
[In the Stone collection of autographs of the signers of the Constitution.]
Indy, Vincent d', 1851-1931
(McLain, Margaret Starr Collection.)
Signature with Musical excerpt in autograph book.
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