A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, 1923-2005
(Maugham, W. Somerset Collection.)
Letters. (ANS) 8/4/1956
Letter. (TLS) 3/22/----
Letters. (2 ALS) 6/14/----; n.d.
Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, 1923-2005
(Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr. Collection.)
Printed Christmas cards: n.d.; 1971; 1973
Printed Christmas card with facsimile signature: 1970; 1975; 1980; 1981
Signed Christmas cards, 1972; 1974
Photographs, 1966.
Rains, Albert M.
(McCormack, John Collection.)
Rains, Jessica
(Lahr, John Collection.)
Letter mentioning her father, Claude Rains.
Raison, Timothy Hugh Francis, Sir
(Briggs, Asa Collection.)
TLS re: disposal of Kelmscott House, June 24, 2006.
Raitt, John
(Norton, Elliot Collection.)
Letter. (ALS) 8/11/1962
Raitt, John, 1917-2005
(King, Martin Luther Jr. Collection. )
TLS with stamped signature to MLK, 1 p.
Raja Rao
(Molinaro, Ursule Collection.)
Rajan, [Balachandra]
(Partisan Review Collection.)
Rajaratnam, Sinnathamby
(Bloodworth, Dennis Collection.)
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