Vol. 15, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
March 1948
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Printed Material
Includes writings by Delmore Schwartz, Paul Bowles, Jean-Paul Sartre, Mary McCarthy, Clement Greenberg, H.L. Mencken, and Leslie Fiedler.
Table of Contents:
Frontispiece by Georges Braque
"The World is a Wedding," by Delmore Schwartz
"A Century's Balance Sheet," by Jean Vannier
"Atlas on Grass," by Vernon Watkins
"The Morale of the Red Army in Germany," by S.T.
"Under the Sky," by Paul Bowles
"For Whom Does One Write?" by Jean-Paul Sartre
"The Soviet Literary Purge," by Alexander Rasumovsky
"Barrault and Artaud," by Mary Otis Hivnor
"Storm at Castelfranco," poem by Chester Kallman
"A Pageant Out of Midnight," poem by Edward McGehee
"The Juenger Case: A Communication," by Hans Meyerhoff
"New Roads, New Routes, New Lines of Goods: An Imaginary Review," by Frank Jones
"Theater Chronicle: Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life," by Mary McCarthy, review of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
"Music Chronicle: Two Composers: A Letter from Hollywood," by Rene Leibowitz
"Art Chronicle: The Decline of Cubism," by Clement Greenberg
"Thousands of Words," by H.L. Mencken, review of The American College Dictionary, by Clarence L. Barnhart
"Much Outcry; Little Outcome," by Elizabeth Hardwick, reviews of
That Winter, by Merle Miller
Other Voices, Other Rooms, by Truman Capote
"The Passion and the Task," by William Troy, review of The Notebooks of Henry James, by F.O. Matthiessen, Kenneth B. Murdock, Henry James
"Provincial," by John Berryman, review of The Last of the Provincials, by Maxwell Geismar
"Poetry Chronicle," by Leslie A. Fiedler, reviews of
A Masque of Mercy, by Robert Frost
Trial of a Poet, and Other Poems, by Karl Shapiro
Three Academic Pieces, by Wallace Stevens
The Good European, by R.P. Blackmur
The Beautiful Changes, and Other Poems, by Richard Wilbur
"Pros and Cons," by Philip Rahv, review of Thomas Wolfe, by Herbert J. Muller
Associated Personal Entities:
Barnhart, Clarence L. (Clarence Lewis), 1900-1993
Berryman, John, 1914-1972
Blackmur, R. P. (Richard P.), 1904-1965
Bowles, Paul, 1910-1999
Capote, Truman, 1924-1984
Fiedler, Leslie A.
Frost, Robert, 1874-1963
Greenberg, Clement, 1909-1994
Hardwick, Elizabeth
Hivnor, Otis
James, Henry, 1811-1882
Jones, Frank
Kallman, Chester, 1921-1975
Leibowitz, Rene, 1913-1972
List, Kurt
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883
Matthiessen, Francis Otto, 1902-1950
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-1989
McGehee, Edward L.
Mencken, H.L. (Henry Louis)
Meyerhoff, Hans
Miller, Merle, 1919-1986
Muller, Herbert Joseph, 1905-
Murdock, Kenneth Ballard, 1895-1975
Rahv, Philip, 1908-1973
Rasumovsky, Alexander
Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980
Schoenberg, Arnold, 1874-1951
Schwartz, Delmore, 1913-1966
Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913-2000
Stevens, Wallace, 1879-1955
Troy, William, 1903-1961
Vannier, Jean
Watkins, Vernon Phillips, 1906-1967
Wilbur, Richard, 1921-
Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983
Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938
Associated Subjects:
Literary criticism
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