Vol. 16, No. 5
Partisan Review Issues
May 1949
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Printed Material
The Question of the Pound Award; and writings by Saul Bellow, Sidney Hook, Randall Jarrell, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Irving Howe, Cyril Connolly, and Clement Greenberg.
Table of Contents:
Frontispiece by Herbert Ferber
"A Sermon by Doctor Pep," by Saul Bellow
"Reflections on the Jewish Question," by Sidney Hook
"The Island," by Randall Jarrell
"Dorothy and the Delights of Marriage," by Allan Dowling
"The Novels of Henry Green," by Philip Toynbee
"The Conversation of the Dancers," by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
"The Culture Conference," by Irving Howe
"The Question of the Pound Award," essays by
W.H. Auden
Robert Gorham Davis
Clement Greenberg
Irving Howe
George Orwell
Karl Shapiro
Allen Tate
"Further Comment," by William Barrett
"London Letter," by Cyril Connolly
"Art Chronicle," by Clement Greenberg
"Notes on Proust," by F.W. Dupee, reviews of
The Maxims of Marcel Proust, by Justin O'Brien and Marcel Proust
The Two Worlds of Marcel Proust, by Harold March
Letters of Marcel Proust, by Mina Curtiss and Marcel Proust
"Koestler as System-Maker," by Paul Kecskemeti, review of Insight and Outlook, by Arthur Koestler
"Chopin Reconsidered," by Dika Newlin, review of Chopin: The Man and His Music, by Herbert Weinstock
"Weber and Hofmann," by Weldon Kees, reviews of
Max Weber, by Lloyd Goodrich
Search for the Real and Other Essays, by Hans Hofmann, Sara T. Weeks, and Bartlett Hoffmann
"Hopkins and His Critics," by Marius Bewley; reviews of
Gerard Manley Hopkins: The Man and the Poet, by K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar
Immortal Diamond, by Norman Weyand
"The Discriminations of Mr. Leavis," by Arthur Mizener, review of The Great Tradition, by F.R. Leavis
"Story of a Union," by James T. Farrell, review of Union Guy, by Clayton W. Fountain
"To Say and Say Not," by Anatole Broyard, reviews of
The Melodramatists, by Howard Nemerov
The Girl on the Via Flaminia, by Alfred Hayes
"The H**ght**n M*ffl*n Fellowship," by Bernice Bergstrom
Associated Personal Entities:
Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), 1907-1973
Barrett, William, 1913-
Barrett, William, 1913-
Bellow, Saul, 1915-2005
Bergstrom, Bernice
Bewley, Marius
Broyard, Anatole
Chopin, Frederic, 1810-1849
Connolly, Cyril, 1903-1974
Curtiss, Mina
Davis, Robert Gorham
Dowling, Allan, 1903-1983
Dupee, Frederick Wilcox, 1904-
Farrell, James T. (James Thomas), 1904-1979
Ferber, Herbert, 1906-1991
Fountain, Clayton W., 1909-
Goodrich, Lloyd, 1897-1987
Greenberg, Clement, 1909-1994
Greenberg, Clement, 1909-1994
Hayes, Alfred, 1911-1985
Hofmann, Hans F., 1923-
Hofmannsthal, Hugo von, 1874-1929
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Hopkins, Gerard Manley, 1844-1889
Howe, Irving
Jarrell, Randall, 1914-1965
Kecskemeti, Paul
Kees, Weldon, 1914-1955
Koestler, Arthur, 1905-1983
Leavis, F. R. (Frank Raymond), 1895-1978
March, Harold
Mizener, Arthur, 1907-
Nemerov, Howard
Nemerov, Howard
Newlin, Dika, 1923-2006
O'Brien, Justin, 1906-1968
Orwell, George, 1903-1950
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973
Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922
Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980
Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913-2000
Srinivasa Iyengar, K. R.
Tate, Allen, 1899-1979
Toynbee, Philip
Weeks, Sara T., 1926-
Weinstock, Herbert, 1905-1971
Weyand, Norman
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Chicago (Ill.)
London (England)
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