Vol. 16, No. 7
Partisan Review Issues
July 1949
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Henri Michaux and Sidney Hook.
Table of Contents:
"Bridge Into the Sea," by Brewster Ghiselin
Two stories by Bryan MacMahon
"The March into the Tunnel," by Henri Michaux
"Nietzsche and Socrates in Messina," by Wylie Sypher
"Cross-Country," by J.F. Powers
"Report on the International Day Against Dictatorship and War," by Sidney Hook
"Pseudo-Functionalism in Modern Architecture," by Frederick Kiesler
"The Unfuture of Utopia," by Philip Rahv
"Culture, Religion, and Mr. Eliot," by Robert Gorham Davis, review of Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, by T.S. Eliot
"Twenty-Seven Stories," by Isaac Rosenfeld, reviews of
Nineteen Stories, by Graham Greene
A Tree of Night, and Other Stories, by Truman Capote
"A Sophisticate in Marco Polo Land," by Parker Tyler, review of A Barbarian in Asia, by Henri Michaux
"Revolution and Dictatorship," by Michael Karpovich, review of Three Who Made a Revolution, by Bertram D. Wolfe
"James Joyce and Rebecca West," by Nathan Halper
Associated Personal Entities:
Capote, Truman, 1924-1984
Crane, Hart, 1899-1932
Davis, Robert Gorham
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965
Fitzgerald, Robert, 1910-1985
Ghiselin, Brewster, 1903-
Greene, Graham, 1904-1991
Halper, Nathan
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Joyce, James, 1882-1941
Karpovich, Michael, 1888-1959
Kiesler, Frederick
MacMahon, Bryan
Michaux, Henri, 1899-1984
Orwell, George, 1903-1950
Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972
Powers, J. F. (James Farl), 1917-1999
Rahv, Philip, 1908-1973
Rosenfeld, Isaac, 1918-1956
Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913-2000
Sypher, Wylie
Tyler, Parker
West, Rebecca, Dame
Wolfe, Bertram David, 1896-1977
Associated Subjects:
Religion and culture
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