Vol. 16, No. 9
Partisan Review Issues
September 1949
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Printed Material
Includes writings by Karl Jaspers, Vladimir Nabokov, Elizabeth Bishop, Karl Shapiro, Stephen Spender, and Jorge Luis Borges.
Table of Contents:
"Philosophy and Science," by Karl Jaspers
"First Poem," by Vladimir Nabokov
"O Breath," poem by Elizabeth Bishop
"The Poetry of Wallace Stevens," by Marius Bewley
"The Sundering," by Albert Cook
"Going to School," by Karl Shapiro
"Oxford and Germany," by Stephen Spender
"Emma Zunz," by Jorge Luis Borges
"The End of Modern Literature," by William Barrett, review of What is Literature? by Jean-Paul Sartre
"Ubiquitous Oblique," by Isaac Rosenfeld, reviews of
The Body, by William Sansom
Two Worlds and Their Ways, by I. Compton-Burnett
"Permutations of a Myth," by William Troy, review of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell
"Perpetual Dreyfusard," by Patricia Blake, review of Jean Barois, by Roger Martin du Gard
"Report from the Academy," by Wallace Markfield
Associated Personal Entities:
Barrett, William, 1913-
Bewley, Marius
Bishop, Elizabeth, 1911-1979
Blake, Patricia
Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-1987
Compton-Burnett, I. (Ivy), 1884-1969
Cook, Albert, 1925-1998
Jaspers, Karl, 1883-1969
Markfield, Wallace
Martin Du Gard, Roger, 1881-1958
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977
Rosenfeld, Isaac, 1918-1956
Sansom, William, 1912-1976
Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980
Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913-2000
Spender, Stephen, 1909-1995
Troy, William, 1903-1961
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Partisan Review Issues