Vol. 17, No. 7
Partisan Review Issues
September-October 1950
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Bernard Malamud, Erich Auerbach, Nicola Chiaromonte, Sidney Hook, Randall Jarrell, and Isaiah Berlin.
Table of Contents:
"World War III: Ideological Conflict," by William Barrett
"The First Seven Years," by Bernard Malamud
"The World in Pantagruel's Mouth," by Erich Auerbach
"Filial," by Katherine Hoskins
"And No Amends," by R.P. Blackmur
"Philadelphia: Plans and Pigeons," by Hollis Alpert
"Paris Letter," by Nicola Chiaromonte
"The Berlin Congress for Cultural Freedom," by Sidney Hook
"A New Goliath," by William Burford
"The Profession of Poetry," by Randall Jarrell
"Melville and His Critics," by Philip Rahv, review of Herman Melville, by Newton Arvin
"Rhetoric of Rhetoric," by Richard Chase, review of A Rhetoric of Motives, by Kenneth Burke
"On Two Frontiers," by Leslie A. Fiedler, reviews of
The Plenipotentiaries, by H.J. Kaplan
World Enough and Time, by Robert Penn Warren
"Ritual and the Drama," by Joseph Frank, review of The Idea of a Theater, by Francis Fergusson
"The Energy of Pasternak," by Isaiah Berlin, review of Boris Pasternak: Selected Writings
"Existential Analysis," by Hans Meyerhoff, review of Baudelaire, by Jean-Paul Sartre
"The Education of Alexis de Tocqueville," by John Clive, review of The Recollections of Alexis de Tocqueville, edited by J.P. Mayer
"The Bones of Cuatemoc," by Laurette Sejourne
Associated Personal Entities:
Séjourné, Laurette
Abellio, Raymond, 1907-1986
Alpert, Hollis, 1916-2007
Arvin, Newton, 1900-1963
Auerbach, Erich, 1892-1957
Barrett, William, 1913-
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867
Berlin, Isaiah, 1909-1997
Blackmur, R. P. (Richard P.), 1904-1965
Burford, William
Burke, Kenneth, 1897-1993
Camus, Albert, 1913-1960
Chase, Richard, 1904-1988
Clive, John
Cuauhtemoc, Emperor of Mexico, 1495?-1525
Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962
Fergusson, Francis
Fiedler, Leslie A.
Frank, Joseph, 1916-1993
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Hoskins, Katherine
Jarrell, Randall, 1914-1965
Kaplan, Harold, J., 1918-
Malamud, Bernard
Melville, Herman, 1819-1891
Meyerhoff, Hans
Nemerov, Howard
Owen, Wilfred, 1893-1918
Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich, 1890-1960
Rabelais, François, approximately 1490-1553?
Rahv, Philip, 1908-1973
Richardson, Samuel, 1689-1761
Rosenberg, Isaac, 1890-1918
Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980
Tocqueville, Alexis de, 1805-1859
Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-1989
Associated Subjects:
Aztec (N.M.)--History
Cold war
Communism--Soviet Union
Korean War, 1950-1953
Philadelphia (Pa.)
Russia -- Foreign relations -- United States
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