Vol. 21, No. 1
Partisan Review Issues
January-February 1954
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Irving Howe, Mary McCarthy, Hannah Arendt, La Fontaine (translated by Marianne Moore), and Delmore Schwartz.
Table of Contents:
"This Age of Conformity," by Irving Howe
"Dottie Makes an Honest Woman of Herself," by Mary McCarthy
"Tradition and the Modern Age," Hannah Arendt
"Four Fables of La Fontaine," translated by Marianne Moore
"The Patron," Wallace Markfield
"Bombay: a Lullaby," by Harvey Breit
"The Rocket Captain," by Edwin Watkins
"Goosegirl," by Barbara Howes
"Art Chronicle," by Clement Greenberg
"The Writer As Intellectual," Hans Meyerhoff, review of The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil, translated by Eithne Wilkins and Ernst Kaiser
"Four Poets or Perhaps Three," Austin Warren review of
The Dragon and the Unicorn by Kenneth Rexroth
Collected Poems by Yvor Winters
The White Threshold by W. S. Graham
The Poems of C. P. Cavafy, translated by John Mavrogordato
"Adventure in America," Delmore Schwartz review of The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow
"Forster's India," Steven Marcus review of The Hill of Devi by E. M. Forster
"Southern Claims," Norman Podhoretz, review of Southern Renascence: the Literature of the Modern South, edited by Louis D. Rubin, Jr. and Robert D. Jacobs
"Theology and Politics," Ralph Gilbert Ross review of Christian Realism and Political Problems by Reinhold Niebuhr
Associated Personal Entities:
Arendt, Hannah, 1906-1975
Breit, Harvey
Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970
Greenberg, Clement, 1909-1994
Howe, Irving
Howes, Barbara, 1914-
La Fontaine, 1621-1695
Marcus, Steven
Markfield, Wallace
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-1989
Meyerhoff, Hans
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972.
Podhoretz, Norman
Ross, Ralph Gilbert, 1911-
Schwartz, Delmore, 1913-1966
Warren, Austin, 1899-1986
Watkins, Edwin
Associated Subjects:
Bombay (India)
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