Vol. 21, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
May-June 1954
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Printed Material
Includes writings by Robert Lowell, Malcolm Lowry, Saul Bellow, and Dwight Macdonald.
Table of Contents:
"The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor," by Philip Rahv
"The Banker's Daughter," by Robert Lowell
"The Bravest Boat," by Malcolm Lowry
"The Sociology of Existentialism," by Ernst Topitsch
"My Father's Business," by Spencer Brown
"Social Studies," by Emma Swan
"Return to Fontamara," by Nicola Chiaromonte
"Theater Chronicle," by Saul Bellow
Monstrous Dust, (Review) by F.W. Dupee
Letters to Milena, by Franz Kafka, Willi Haas
The Imitation of Life, (Review) by Robert Gorham Davis
Mimesis, by Erich Auerbach
A Mask Maintained, (Review) by Francis Golffing
Baudelaire, by Martin Turnell
The Strains of a Private Life, (Review) by Sonya Rudikoff
A Writer's Diary, by Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf
Symbolism and/or Literature, (Review) by Norman Podhoretz
Symbolism and American Literature, by Charles Feidelson, Jr.
Humanist Existentialism, (Review) by Henry Bamford Parkes
The Origin and Goal of History, by Karl Jaspers
Liberal Soap Opera, by Dwight Macdonald
"The Anti-American Witch Hunt in the Year 1953," by Ludwig Marcuse
Associated Personal Entities:
Bellow, Saul, 1915-2005
Brown, Spencer, 1909-1989
Chiaromonte, Nicola
Davis, Robert Gorham
Dupee, Frederick Wilcox, 1904-
Golffing, Francis
Lowell, Robert, 1917-1977
Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957
Macdonald, Dwight
Marcuse, Ludwig, 1894-1971
Parkes, Henry Bamford, 1904-
Podhoretz, Norman
Rahv, Philip, 1908-1973
Rudikoff, Sonya, 1927-
Swan, Emma, 1914-
Topitsch, Ernst, 1919-2003
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Partisan Review Issues