Vol. 21, No. 6
Partisan Review Issues
November-December 1954
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Bernard Malamud, Diana Trilling, Theodore Roethke, Stalney Kunitz, and Ignazio Silone.
Table of Contents:
"The Magic Barrel," by by Bernard Malamud
"The Oppenheimer Case," by by Diana Trilling
"Time and the Novelist," by by David Paul
"The Follies of Adam," by by Theodore Roethke
"Sestina," by by James Schuyler
"The Man Upstairs," by by Stanley Kunitz
Two poems by Claire McAllister
"Andre Malraux," by Michael Harrington
"Film Chronicle," by Robert Warshow, review of Limelight by Charles Chaplin
"Poets of the '50s," by R.W. Flint, reviews of
Undercliff by Richard Eberhart
Poems: A Selection by Leonie Adams
Poems, 1940-1953 by Karl Jay Shapiro
An Armada of Thirty Whales by Daniel G. Hoffman
Poets of Today by Harry Duncan
Samurai and Serpent Poems by Murray Noss
Another Animal by May Swenson
The Dancing Bears by W.S. Merwin
A Summoning of Stones by Anthony Hecht
The Death Bell by Vernon Watkins
"Turgenev and His Peers," by Horace Gregory, review of Turgenev: A Life by David Magarshack
"Fiction Chronicle," by Louis O. Coxe, reviews of
The Midnight Patient by Egon Hostovsky
The Other Side of the Tree by LeRoy Leatherman
The Huge Season by Wright Morris
Federigo, or The Power of Love by Howard Nemerov
The Wicked Pavilion by Dawn Powell
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Amos Tutuola
Sidestreet by Robert O. Bowen
The Man in the Middle by David Wagoner
"A Self-Portrait in Questions and Answers," by Ignazio Silone
Associated Personal Entities:
Coxe, Louis Osborne, 1918-1993
Flint, Robert W.
Gregory, Horace, 1898-1982
Harrington, Michael
Kunitz, Stanley, 1905-2006
Malamud, Bernard
Malraux, Andre, 1901-1976
McAllister, Claire
Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1904-1967
Paul, David
Roethke, Theodore, 1908-1963
Schuyler, James
Silone, Ignazio, 1900-1978
Trilling, Diana
Turgenev, Ivan
Warshow, Robert, 1917-1955
Associated Subjects:
American poetry -- 20th century.
Atomic bomb
New York (N.Y.)
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