Vol. 24, No. 2
Partisan Review Issues
Spring 1957
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Printed Material
Includes writings by Elizabeth Bishop, Heinrich Boll, Sidney Hook, James Dickey, Mary McCarthy, and Daniel Bell.
Table of Contents:
"Artistic Truth and the Warped Vision," by William Phillips
"Visits to St. Elizabeths," (Verse) by Elizabeth Bishop
"Christmas Every Day," by Heinrich Boll
"Pangloss' Song," (Verse) by Richard Wilbur
"Munch's Scream," (Verse) by Donald Hall
"The Trial," (Verse) by Frederick Bock
"I Cannot Shout That the Lyric Lie Decayed," (Verse) by John Fairfax
"Scientific Knowledge and Philosophical Knowledge," by Sidney Hook
"The Monument," (Verse) by John Logan
"Private Eyes and Public Critics," by Ralph Cohen
"The Swimmer," (Verse) by James Dickey
"The Dilemma of the Polish Intellectuals," by K.A. Jelenski
"A Communication," by Martin Green
"Theater Chronicle," by Mary McCarthy
"Art Chronicle," by Sonya Rudikoff
Henry James as Latter-Day Saint, (Review) by Irving Howe
The American Henry James, by Quentin Anderson
The Double Thinker, (Review) by Joseph Frank
A Piece of My Mind, by Edmund Wilson
Poetry Chronicle, (7 Reviews) by John Hollander
Howl and Other Poems, by Allen Ginsberg
In Defense of the Earth, by Kenneth Rexroth
New and Selected Poems, by Kenneth Fearing
The Collected Poems, by Kathleen Raine
In the Rose of Time, by Robert Fitzgerald
Letter from a Distant Land, by Philip Booth
Green with Beasts, by W.S. Merwin
A Character Wrecked by Success, (Review) by Philip Rieff
Notes on TV, by Vivienne Koch
The Break-Up of Family Capitalism, by Daniel Bell
Associated Personal Entities:
Bell, Daniel, 1919-2011
Bishop, Elizabeth, 1911-1979
Bock, Frederick, 1760-1832
Boll, Heinrich, 1917-1985
Cohen, Ralph
Dickey, James
Dickey, James
Fairfax, John, 1937-2012
Frank, Joseph, 1916-1993
Green, Martin
Hall, Donald
Hollander, John
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Howe, Irving
James, Henry, 1843-1916
Jelenski, Konstanty A. (Konstanty Aleksander), 1922-1987
Koch, Vivienne
Logan, John
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-1989
Munch, Edvard, 1863-1944.
Phillips, William
Rieff, Philip, 1922-2006
Rudikoff, Sonya, 1927-
Wilbur, Richard, 1921-
Associated Subjects:
Detective and mystery stories
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