Vol. 26, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
Summer 1959
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by James Purdy, Robert Penn Warren, John Ashbery, A.R. Ammons, Delmore Schwartz, A. Alvarez, and Mary McCarthy.
Table of Contents:
"Everything Under the Sun" by James Purdy
"Norman Mailer" by Norman Podhoretz
"Love and Death in Johntown, Tenn." by Robert Penn Warren
"Mass Society and Post-Modern Fiction" by Irving Howe
"Inheritance and Descent" by Walter Stone
"They Dream Only of America" (Verse) by John Ashbery
"Moonset, Gloucester, December 1, 1957, 1:58 AM" (Verse) by Charles Olson
"March Song"; "Hymn" by A.R. Ammons
"Fisherman" (Verse) by Paul Blackburn
"The Understudies" (Verse) by Ruth Stone
"Under and Above Ground Conversations" (Verse) by John Fairfax
"From the Archives at Mari" (Verse) by Stanley Read
"A Speech on Robert Frost" by Lionel Trilling
"The Gift" by Delmore Schwartz
"London Letter" by A. Alvarez
"Poetic Naturalism" by Kingsley Widmer
"The Battle of Lowell" (Review) by F.W. Dupee ---Life Studies, by Robert Lowell
"An Academy of Risk" (Review) by Mary McCarthy ---The Tradition of the New, by Harold Rosenberg
"Kitsch Sociology" (Review) by Lewis Coser ---The Status Seekers, by Vance Packard
"A Metropolitan Girlhood" (Review) by John Wain ---Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, by Simone de Beauvoir
"Logicians and Speculators" (Review) by Stuart Hampshire ---Religion, Politics, and the Higher Learning, by Morton Gabriel White
"An Hypothetical Tale" (Review) by Harold Rosenberg ---The Empire City, by Paul Goodman
"Camus as Dramatist" (Review) by Henry Popkin ---Caligula and Three Other Plays, by Albert Camus
"Poetry Chronicle" (3 Reviews) by John Hollander ---Heart's Needle, by W.D. Snodgrass; The Sense of Movement, by Thom Gunn; Of the Festivity, by William Dickey
Associated Personal Entities:
Alvarez, A. (Alfred), 1929-
Ammons, A. R., 1926-2001
Ashbery, John, 1927-
Blackburn, Paul
Camus, Albert, 1913-1960
Coser, Lewis A., 1913-2003
Dupee, Frederick Wilcox, 1904-
Fairfax, John, 1937-2012
Frost, Robert, 1874-1963
Hampshire, Stuart, 1914-2004
Hollander, John
Howe, Irving
Mailer, Norman
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-1989
Olson, Charles
Podhoretz, Norman
Popkin, Henry
Purdy, James, 1914-2009
Read, Stanley E.
Rosenberg, Harold, 1906-1978
Schwartz, Delmore, 1913-1966
Stone, Ruth
Stone, Walter
Trilling, Lionel, 1905-1975
Wain, John
Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-1989
Widmer, Kingsley, 1925-
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London (England)
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