Vol. 26, No. 4
Partisan Review Issues
Fall 1959
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Norman Mailer, David Ferry, Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich, Robert Brustein, A. Alvarez, and Gore Vidal.
Table of Contents:
"Scenes from the Deer Park" by Norman Mailer
"The Pretender" by Lionel Abel
"O Flodden Field" by Donald Hall
"Dead Drunk" (Verse) by Alan Ansen
"In the Dark" (Verse) by David Ferry
"The Bolt" (Verse) by Allen Grossman
"To My Wife"; "Three Epitaphs"; "Three Women" (Verse) by J.V. Cunningham
"I Want, I Want" (Verse) by Sylvia Plath
"Bread and Onions" (Verse) by Adrienne Rich
"Highbrows and the Theater Today" by Louis Kronenberger
"O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night and New England Irish-Catholicism" by John Henry Raleigh
"Notes on a Suburban Theater" by Robert Brustein
"Anti-Establishment Drama" by A. Alvarez
"Love, Love, Love" by Gore Vidal
"The Achievement of Bertolt Brecht" by Harold Clurman
"New Playwrights" by Angus Wilson
"Paris Letter" by Jean Bloch-Michel
"Rome Letter" by Nicola Chiaromonte
"Poetry Chronicle" by Marius Bewley
Associated Personal Entities:
Abel, Lionel, 1910-2001
Alvarez, A. (Alfred), 1929-
Bewley, Marius
Bloch-Michel, Jean, 1912-
Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956
Brustein, Robert Sanford, 1927-
Chiaromonte, Nicola
Clurman, Harold, 1901-1980
Cunningham, J. V. (James Vincent), 1911-1985
Ferry, David
Grossman, Allen
Hall, Donald, 1928-
Kronenberger, Louis, 1904-1980
Mailer, Norman
O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953
Plath, Sylvia
Raleigh, John Henry, 1920-
Rich, Adrienne, 1929-2012
Vidal, Gore
Wilson, Angus, 1913-1991
Associated Subjects:
Paris (France)
Rome (Italy)
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