Vol. 27, No. 4
Partisan Review Issues
Fall 1960
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Dwight Macdonald, James Dickey, and Louis Auchincloss.
Table of Contents:
"Masscult and Midcult: II," by Dwight Macdonald
"I Drive Westward," poem by J.V. Cunningham
"The Snow," poem by Donald Hall
"Drowning With Others," poem by James Dickey
"Literary Form and Social Hallucination," by Harold Rosenberg
"The Terrace," by Ramon Sender
"Proust's Picture of Society," by Louis Auchincloss
"Socialism and the Cold War," by R.H.S. Crossman
"Revenant," poem by Stanley Burnshaw
"Modern Evidence," by Vissarion Belinsky
"Readers' Prescription,"by Richard Chase
review of Writing in America, by John Fischer and Robert B. Silvers
"An Exciting Disappointment,"by Peter Marin
review of In Defense of Ignorance, by Karl Jay Shapiro
"Plug, Project, Repeat," by G.S. Fraser
review of The Happy Birthday of Death, by Gregory Corso
"Fiction Chronicle," by Benjamin DeMott
reviews of
The Double View, by Chandler Brossard
The House of Five Talents, by Louis Auchincloss
The Inhabitants, by Julius Horwitz
Ceremony in Lone Tree, by Wright Morris
"The Conversion of the Jews," by Jeremy Larner
Associated Personal Entities:
Auchincloss, Louis
Auchincloss, Louis
Belinsky, Vissarion Grigoryevich, 1811-1848
Brossard, Chandler, 1922-1993
Burnshaw, Stanley, 1906-2005
Corso, Gregory
Crossman, R.H.S. (Richard Howard Stafford), 1907-1974
Cunningham, J. V. (James Vincent), 1911-1985
DeMott, Benjamin, 1924-2005
Dickey, James
Fischer, John, 1910 April 27-
Hall, Donald
Horwitz, Julius, 1920-
Larner, Jeremy
Macdonald, Dwight
Marin, Peter
Morris, Wright, 1910-1998
Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922
Rosenberg, Harold, 1906-1978
Roth, Philip
Sender, Ramón José, 1901-1982
Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913-2000
Silvers, Robert B.
Associated Subjects:
Class consciousness--United States
Figurative art
Jews in literature
Popular culture
Social classes
Social classes--United States--History
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