Vol. 32, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
Summer 1965
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Printed Material
The New Radicalism: Round II; and writings by Susan Sontag and John Malcolm Brinnin.
Table of Contents:
"The New Radicalism: Round II"
by Irving Howe
by Stephen Rousseas
by Nat Hentoff
by Michael Harrington
The Will and the Way by Susan Sontag
"The Saint in the Picture" by John Malcolm Brinnin
"Sailing Off" (Verse) by Sidney Goldfarb
"The Answer" (Verse) by Michael Fried
"In a Rented Room, On the Island of Mull" (Verse) by Sandra Hochman
"The Creation of the Animals" (Verse) by Richard Tillinghast
"One" (Verse) by Edward Brash
"Shaking the President's Hand" (Verse) by Daniel Hoffman
"I Am Here Waiting for the Sunrise" (Verse) by Gerard Malanga
"Dostoevsky and the Socialists" by Joseph Frank
"The Anatomy of a Poet" by Alan Friedman
"In Praise of Folly" by John Atherton
Anon. (Circa 1965)
"Waiting for Lefty" (Review) by G.S. Fraser
The Theatre of Revolt, by Robert S. Brustein
The Last Edwardian (Review) by George Lichtheim
Asquith, Portrait of a Man and an Era, by Roy Jenkins
James Dickey's Poems (Review) by William Meredith
Helmets, by James Dickey
The Theory of Talk (3 reviews) by Richard Ohmann
Aspects of the Theory of Syntax, by Noam Chomsky
Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, by Noam Chomsky
An Integrated Theory of Linguistic Descriptions, by Jerrold J. Katz and Paul M. Postal
The Imagination Goes to College (Review) by Alvin C. Kibel
The Educated Imagination, by Northrop Frye
"The Day That Was" (Review) by Stephen Donadio
One Day, by Wright Morris
Critic's Critic (Review) by William Youngren
Music Observed, by B.H. Haggin
Something Old, Something New (2 reviews) by Richard Kostelanetz
A New Directions Reader, by Hayden Carruth and James Laughlin
New Directions in Prose and Poetry 18, by James Laughlin
Associated Personal Entities:
Atherton, John
Bellow, Saul, 1915-2005
Brash, Edward
Brinnin, John Malcolm, 1916-
Brustein, Robert Sanford, 1927-
Carruth, Hayden, 1921-2008
Chomsky, Noam
Dickey, James
Donadio, Stephen
Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984
Frank, Joseph, 1916-1993
Fried, Michael
Friedman, Alan
Frye, Northrop
Goldfarb, Sidney, 1942
Haggin, B. H. (Bernard H.), 1900-1987
Harrington, Michael
Hentoff, Nat
Hochman, Sandra
Hoffman, Daniel, 1923-2013
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Howe, Irving
Jenkins, Roy
Katz, Jerrold J.
Kibel, Alvin C.
Kostelanetz, Richard
Laughlin, James, 1914-1997
Lichtheim, George, 1912-1973
Malanga, Gerard
Meredith, William, 1919-2007
Morris, Wright, 1910-1998
Ohmann, Richard M. (Richard Malin), 1931
Postal, Paul Martin, 1936
Rosenberg, Harold, 1906-1978
Rousseas, Stephen William
Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004
Theobald, Robert
Tillinghast, Richard
Trilling, Diana
Youngren, William H.
Associated Subjects:
Radicalism -- United States.
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