Vol. 35, No. 1
Partisan Review Issues
Winter 1968
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Robert Jay Lifton, Martin Duberman, Anthony Burgess, and Robert Coles.
Table of Contents:
"Protean Man," by Robert Jay Lifton
"Poems," by Daryl Hine and Mark Strand
"Black Power in America," by Martin Duberman
"The Anxious Imagination," by Leo Bersani
"Somebody's Got to Pay the Rent," by Anthony Burgess
"What Is Structuralism?," by Peter Caws
"A Conversation with Robert Rauschenberg," by Richard Kostelanetz
"California Letters," by Richard Schlatter and Thomas R. Edwards
"Notes from Germany," by Betty Falkenberg
"Contemporary Nonsense"
"Blacklash," by Robert Coles
review of The Confessions of Nat Turner, by William Styron
"Good-Bye Broadway," by John Hollander
review of Lost New York, by Nathan Silver
"In Defense of Order," by Reuben A. Brower
review of The Sense of an Ending, by Frank Kermode
"Other Voices," by Maureen Howard
review of Going to Jerusalem, by Jerome Charyn
Thou Worm Jacob, by Mark Mirsky
When She Was Good, by Philip Roth
In Orbit, by Wright Morris
The Knightly Quest, by Tennessee Williams
The Time of Friendship, by Paul Bowles
"Marx and Anti-Marx," by Lee Baxandall
review of Marx, Engels, and the Poets, by Peter Demetz
Associated Personal Entities:
Baxandall, Lee
Bersani, Leo
Bowles, Paul, 1910-1999
Brower, Reuben A. (Reuben Arthur), 1908-1975
Burgess, Anthony, 1917-1993
Caws, Peter
Charyn, Jerome
Coles, Robert
Demetz, Peter, 1922-
Duberman, Martin B.
Edwards, Thomas R., 1928-
Falkenberg, Betty, 1929-
Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984
Hine, Daryl
Hollander, John
Howard, Maureen, 1930-
Howe, Irving
Kermode, Frank, 1919-2010
Kostelanetz, Richard
Levi-Strauss, Claude
Lifton, Robert Jay, 1926-
Mirskiĭ, M. (Mark)
Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925-2008
Roth, Philip
Schlatter, Richard, 1912-1987
Silver, Nathan
Strand, Mark
Styron, William, 1925-2006
Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983
Associated Subjects:
Black power--United States
Civil rights
Philosophy, French—20th century
Psychology and philosophy
San Francisco (Calif.)
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