Vol. 45, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
Summer 1978
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Printed Material
Includes writings by Felisberto Hernandez, Anthony Giddens, and Asa Briggs.
Table of Contents:
"The Roots of Narcissism," by Hans Morgenthau and Ethel Person
"Hannah Arendt," by Martin Jay
"Opposing Views, Aspects of Handke" by Leon Botstein
"The Daisy Dolls," by Felisberto Hernandez
"The Fiction," by Jerome Klinkowitz
"A Play," by Ira Hauptman
"Untitled," by Anthony Barnett
"Lady Lady," (Verse) by Ray Di Palma
"Conscience, The Child, Verisimilitude," (Verse) by Robert Dean
"How Is It," (Verse) by Ted Greenwald
"Spring Street Bar, The Translation of Verver," (Verse) by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
"Fairy Tale," (Verse) by Brian Swann
"Named Lazarus," (Verse) by Lois Moyles
"Against the Personality Cult," (Verse) by Jenny Joseph
"Reynaldo in Paris," (Verse) by Leon Stokesbury
"Slump," (Verse) by Paul Violi
"Stairway Beach," (Verse) by Marc Cohen
"In the Moment, A Small Hand," (Verse) by Richard Thomas
"Mauve Flowers of the Ubiquitous Wisteria," (Verse) by Anne Waldman
"Portrait of a Woman of Letters," by Phyllis Rose
the State of Social Theory, (Review) by Anthony Giddens
The Restructuring of Social and Political Theory, by Richard J. Bernstein
Remembering Ransom, (Review) by Robie Macauley
Gentleman in a Dustcoat, by Thomas Daniel Young
Chomsky's Structures" (Review) by Gilbert Harman
Reflections on Language, by Noam Chomsky
The Text of a Life, (2 Reviews) by Paul Delany
The Pleasure of the Text, by Roland Barthes
Roland Barthes, by Roland Barthes
Fathers and Sons, (3 Reviews) by Neil Schmitz
A Book of Dreams, by Peter Reich
Photographs of My Father, by Paul Spike
Kentucky Ham, by William S. Burroughs
The Uses of Analysis, (Review) by Lore Segal
The Uses of Enchantment, by Bruno Bettelheim
TV Guides, (2 Reviews) by Asa Briggs
Tube of Plenty, by Erik Barnouw
Television, by Raymond Williams
Associated Personal Entities:
Barnett, Anthony
Barnouw, Erik, 1908-2001
Barthes, Roland
Bernstein, Richard J.
Berssenbrugge, Mei-mei, 1947-
Bettelheim, Bruno
Botstein, Leon
Briggs, Asa, 1921-2016
Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997
Chomsky, Noam
Cohen, Marc, 1951-
Dean, Robert
Delany, Paul
DiPalma, Ray
Giddens, Anthony
Greenwald, Ted
Handke, Peter
Harman, Gilbert
Hauptman, Ira
Hernandez, Felisberto
Jay, Martin
Joseph, Jenny, 1932-
Klinkowitz, Jerome
Macauley, Robie
Morgenthau, Hans J. (Hans Joachim), 1904-1980
Moyles, Lois
Person, Ethel Spector
Reich, Peter, 1944-
Rose, Phyllis, 1942-
Schmitz, Neil
Segal, Lore Groszmann
Spike, Paul, 1947-
Stokesbury, Leon, 1945-
Swann, Brian
Thomas, Richard
Violi, Paul, 1944-2011
Waldman, Anne, 1945
Williams, Raymond
Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941
Young, Thomas Daniel, 1919-
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Partisan Review Issues