Vol. 46, No. 2
Partisan Review Issues
Spring 1979
Content Type:
Printed Material
Composure and Decomposition: Three Pieces on the Fiction Collective; and writings by Christina Stead and Jonathan Baumbach.
Table of Contents:
"Reflections on Decadence," by Richard Gilman
"German Terrorism from Afar," by Leon Botstein
"Baudelaire," by Marshall Berman
"A Gifte from the Scorched Moon," by James Hoggard
"The Ambiguities of Female Identity," by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
"Where You Get Off," by Liam Rector
"A Map of Scars," (Verse) by Elizabeth Wray
"Provisions in a Will, The Weather Here," (Verse) by Robert Louthan
"Letter to My Father-in-Law I," (Verse) by Bill Elliott
"Riverside," (Verse) by Tom Luhrmann
"To March," (Verse) by Alan Nadel
"The Alien," (Verse) by James Bertolino
"Dew," (Verse) by Jonathan Cott
"The Wooden Sky, A Valentine," (Verse) by Steven Hall
"Postlude," (Verse) by Tony Towle
"The Vein," (Verse) by Arthur Vogelsang
"Drought," (Verse) by Carol Polcovar
"April 4," (Verse) by Ken Fifer
"Christina Stead," by Robert Fagan
"On the Women's Movement," by Christina Stead
Going to the Movies
Letter from Seattle, by Jonathan Baumbach
Compusure and Decomposition, Three Pieces on the Fiction Collective,
by John Tytell
by Jay Martin
by Tony Tanner
Anti-Semite and Jew, (Review) by Jules Chametzky
On the Edge of Destruction, by Celia S. Heller
From Modernism to Stalinism, (Review) by David Rieff
The Life of the Automobile, by Ilya Ehrenburg
Barthelme's Life With Father, (3 Reviews) by Neil Schmitz
The Dead Father, by Donald Barthelme,
Guilty Pleasures, by Donald Barthelme,
Great Days, by Donald Barthelme
"To Hannah Arendt," by Ludwig Greve
Associated Personal Entities:
Arendt, Hannah, 1906-1975
Barthelme, Donald
Baumbach, Jonathan
Berman, Marshall, 1940-2013
Bertolino, James, 1942
Botstein, Leon
Botstein, Leon
Chametzky, Jules
Cott, Jonathan
Elliott, Bill
Erenburg, Ilia 1891-1967
Fagan, Robert
Fifer, Ken, 1947-
Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth, 1941-2007
Gilman, Richard
Greve, Ludwig
Hall, Steven
Heller, Celia Stopnicka
Hoggard, James
Jay, Martin
Jay, Martin
Louthan, Robert, 1951-
Luhrmann, Thomas
Nadel, Alan, 1947-
Polcovar, Carol
Rector, Liam, 1949-2007
Rieff, David
Rosenberg, Harold, 1906-1978
Schmitz, Neil
Stead, Christina, 1902-1983
Tanner, Tony
Towle, Tony, 1939-
Tytell, John
Vogelsang, Arthur
Wray, Elizabeth
Associated Subjects:
Film criticism
Literary criticism
Paris (France)
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