Vol. 46, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
Summer 1979
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Isaiah Berlin, Irving Howe, Cynthia Ozick, Marilyn Hacker, and Morris Dickstein.
Table of Contents:
"Nationalism," by Isaiah Berlin
"George Eliot and the Jews," by Irving Howe
"Inside New York's Art World," by Barbaralee Diamonstein
"Leviathank," by Cynthia Ozick
"What Tocqueville Feared," by Richard Sennett
"The Days After New Year, Saturn Song," by Elizabeth Fenton
"You Were Her," (Verse) by Carole Glasser
"My Career," (Verse) by David Bromige
"Urbanization," (Verse) by Susan Astor
"Unwatched Birds," (Verse) by Philip Fried
"The Book of Revelations," (Verse) by Celia Gilbert
"To October," (Verse) by Alan Nadel
"Gloze," (Verse) by Alfred Corn
"How to Tell Distances," (Verse) by Keith Waldrop
"Adult Entertainment," (Verse) by Marilyn Hacker
"Remembering F.W. Dupee," by Morris Dickstein
"Death Of/As Metaphor," by Peter Brooks
Queer Love, Forbidden Love, (2 Reviews) by Neil Schmitz
Melville, by Edwin Haviland Miller
Doubling and Incest / Repetition and Revenge, by John T. Irwin
Interiors, (Review) by Daphne Merkin
Detour, by Michael Brodsky
Remaking the Self, (Review) by Lawrence Graver
The Left-Handed Woman, by Peter Handke
Insiders and Outsiders, (2 Reviews) by Peter Loewenberg
Freud, Jews, and Other Germans, by Peter Gay
A Confidential Matter, by Richard Strauss and Stefan Zweig
The Voices of Dickey, (Review) by Ira Hauptman
The Zodiac, by James Dickey
Abraham Cahan, the Father of the World of Our Fathers, (Review) by Werner Sollors
From the Ghetto, by Jules Chametzky
The Education of David Kepesh, (Review) by Robert Alter
The Professor of Desire, by Philip Roth
Fashionable Despair, (Review) by James Atlas
Players, by Don DeLillo
Associated Personal Entities:
Alter, Robert
Astor, Susan
Atlas, James
Berlin, Isaiah, 1909-1997
Brodsky, Michael, 1948-
Bromige, David
Brooks, Peter
Chametzky, Jules
Corn, Alfred, 1943-
DeLillo, Don
Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Barbaralee
Dickey, James
Dickstein, Morris
Fenton, Elizabeth
Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
Fried, Philip, 1945-
Gay, Peter, 1923-
Gilbert, Celia, 1932-
Glasser, Carole
Hacker, Marilyn
Handke, Peter
Hauptman, Ira
Howe, Irving
Irwin, John T.
La Boetie, Estienne de, 1530-1563
Loewenberg, Peter, 1933-
Merkin, Daphne
Miller, Edwin Haviland
Nadel, Alan, 1947-
Ozick, Cynthia
Roth, Philip
Schmitz, Neil
Sennett, Richard, 1943-
Sollors, Werner
Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004
Strauss, Richard, 1864-1949
Waldrop, Keith
Zweig, Stefan, 1881-1942
Associated Subjects:
Art criticism
Art, Abstract
Dramatic criticism
Literary criticism
Politics, practical
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