Vol. 47, No. 4
Partisan Review Issues
Fall 1980
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Printed Material
Neoconservatism: Pro and Con; and writings by Roland Barthes, Diana Trilling; Edith Kurzweil, and J.D. McClatchy.
Table of Contents:
"Neoconservatism: Pro and Con"
by Nathan Glazer
by Peter Steinfels
by James Q. Wilson
by Norman Birnbaum
"Uncoupling," by Ira Sadoff
"Deliberation," by Roland Barthes
"An Interview with Virgil Thomson," by Diana Trilling
"On American Humor," by Neil Schmitz
"The National Interest," by Hans Morgenthau
"Opinion in Prague," by Anonymous
"Lenin in Zurich," by Otto Luening
"Forster's Comrades," by Barbara Rosecrance
"The Case of the Cincinatti Syndrome," by James Cummins
"Instructions for the Sleeper" (Verse), by Elizabeth Spires
"The Earthly Paradise" (Verse), by David Schloss
"Variation on Sadness; May Truth; Forgiveness" (Verse), by Miklos Radnoti
"Leonidas' Thermopylae" (Verse), by Michael Niflis
"A Poem in Yellow After Tristran Tzara," by Jerome Rothenberg
"The Hour Before Midnight" (Verse), by Mark B. Derr
"No Unhappy Reason" (Verse), by Jerry Benjamin
"Leaving Aiolia" (Verse), by Peter Leight
"Anxious Latitudes" (Verse), by Ralph Angel
"Concerning the The" (Verse), by Paul Hoover
"I am Helios" (Verse), by Elizabeth Aldrich
"Nyet," by Jay Martin; review of The Yawning Heights, by Aleksandr Zinoviev
"Two Lives," by W.W. Robson; review of Christopher Isherwood, by Brian Finney, The Thirties and After, by Stephen Spender
"The Uses of Language," by Lewis Coser; review of Communication and the Evolution of Society, by Jurgen Habermas
"Old and New Classes," by Edith Kurzweil; review of The Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New Class, by Alvin W. Gouldner
"Reaching," by Grace Schulman; review of The Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser, by Janet E. Kaufman and Anne F. Herzog
"Summaries and Evidence," by J.D. McClatchy; review of New and Selected Poems, by Irving Feldman, Selected Poems, by Donald Justice, Selected Poems 1950-1975, by Thom Gunn, Uncertainties and Rest, by Timothy Steele, and The Venetian Vespers, by Anthony Hecht
Associated Personal Entities:
Barthes, Roland
Birnbaum, Norman
Glazer, Nathan
Luening, Otto, 1900-1996
Morgenthau, Hans J. (Hans Joachim), 1904-1980
Rosecrance, Barbara
Sadoff, Ira
Schloss, David, 1944-
Schmitz, Neil
Spires, Elizabeth
Steinfels, Peter
Trilling, Diana
Wilson, James Q.
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