Vol. 50, No. 4
Partisan Review Issues
Fall 1983
Content Type:
Printed Material
Writers in Exile (continued); Intellectuals and Politics; and writings by Italo Calvino, Pico Iyer, and Hayden White.
Table of Contents:
Writers in Exile
"Politics and Ideology"
by Boris Shragin
by Stanislaw Baranczak
by Erazim Kohak
by Leszek Kolakowski
"Encounters With the West"
by Sergei Dovlatov
by Yuz Aleshkovsky
by Vladimir Voinovich
by Andrei Siniavski
Discussion and Questions
"Park Bench Vacation," story by Italo Calvino
"Four Portraits," article by William Phillips
"The World According to Beattie," article by Pico Iyer
"Flesh and the Devil in Figure Painting," article by Marjorie Welish
"An Interview with Charles Wright," by David Remnick
"On Migratory Workers," by Dan Jacobson
"News Summary," "To Bulcsu Bertha," "With Profound Respect," and "Visigoth Sundays," poems by Gyorgy Petri
"The 75 Year Old Sabbath Queen," poem by Elizabeth Rees
"This Winter," poem by Deborah Tall
"Intellectuals and Politics"
by Morris Dickstein
by Peter Brooks
by William Phillips
by Edith Kurzweil
by Steven Marcus
by Leon Wieseltier
by Dennis Wrong
"The Worm in the Apple," by Hayden White, review of From Locke to Saussure by Hans Aarsleff
"La Grande Poesie de la Vie," by Rachel Hadas, review of Oh What a Paradise It Seems! by John Cheever
"The Inner Gentleman," by Robert Kiely, review of The Gentleman in Trollope by Shirley Robin Letwin
"Literary Detective," by Gail S. Reed, review of Stuff of Sleep and Dreams by Leon Edel
"The Oldest Stories," by Morton Bloomfield, reviews of
The Great Code by Northrop Frye
The Story of the Stories by Dan Jacobson
The Art of Biblical Narrative by Robert Alter
Associated Personal Entities:
Aarsleff, Hans
Aleshkovsky, Yuz
Alter, Robert
Arendt, Hannah, 1906-1975
Baranczak, Stanislaw, 1946
Beattie, Ann
Bloomfield, Morton W. (Morton Wilfred), 1913-1987
Brooks, Peter
Calvino, Italo
Cheever, John
Dickstein, Morris
Dovlatov, Sergei
Edel, Leon, 1907-1997
Frye, Northrop
Hadas, Rachel
Iyer, Pico
Jacobson, Dan
Jacobson, Dan
Kennan, George, 1845-1924
Kiely, Robert
Kohak, Erazim V.
Kolakowski, Leszek
Kurzweil, Edith
Lessing, Doris, 1919-2013
Letwin, Shirley Robin
Marcus, Steven
Petri, Gyorgy
Phillips, William
Phillips, William
Reagan, Ronald Wilson, 1911-2004
Reed, Gail S.
Rees, Elizabeth
Remnick, David
Rosenberg, Harold, 1906-1978
Shragin, Boris Iosifovich, 1926-
Siniavski, Andrei
Tall, Deborah, 1951-
Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882
Voinovich, Vladimir, 1932-
Welish, Marjorie, 1944
White, Hayden V., 1928-
Wieseltier, Leon
Wright, Charles
Wrong, Dennis Hume, 1923-
Associated Subjects:
Anti-communist movements -- United States.
Art criticism
Cold war
Communist Party (France)
Migrant workers
South Africa--History--1961-1994
Soviet Union
Soviet Union -- Politics and government.
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