Vol. 55, No. 2
Partisan Review Issues
Spring 1988
Content Type:
Printed Material
An interview with Czesaw Milosz; and writings by Isaac Bashevis Singer, Amos Oz, an Seamus Heaney.
Table of Contents:
"Moral and Military Problems" by William Phillips
"Black Box" by Amos Oz
"The Missing Line" by Isaac Bashevis Singer
"The Last Gaze" by I.B.S.
"The Politics of French Intellectuals" by Dominique Schnapper
"Kate Chopin and Sarah Orne Jewett" by Pearl K. Bell
"An Interview with Czeslaw Milosz" by Rachel Berghash
"Orwell and Waugh" by George Watson
"The Government of the Tongue" by Seamus Heaney
"Notes on American Mythology" by Colette Brooks
"Lukacs at 103" by Laurent Stern Variety
"Freshman English" by David Lehman
"The Politics of Interpretation" (Review) by Rene Wellek
The Content of the Form, by Hayden White
"Defending Democracy" (Review) by Irving Louis Horowitz
History, Truth, Liberty, by Raymond Aron, Franciszek Draus
"Israeli Dilemmas" (2 Reviews) by Dan V. Segre
The Siege, by Conor Cruise O'Brien
Conflicts and Contradictions, by Meron Benvenisti
"New German Writing" (Review) by Peter Filkins
After the Fires, by Peter Demetz
Associated Personal Entities:
Aron, Raymond, 1905-1983
Bell, Pearl K.
Benvenisti, Meron, 1934-
Berghash, Rachel, 1935-
Brooks, Colette
Campbell, Marie L. (Marie Louise), 1936-
Chopin, Kate, 1850-1904
Demetz, Peter, 1922-
Draus, Franciszek
Feldman, Irving, 1928-
Filkins, Peter
Gerlach, Lee
Heaney, Seamus, 1939-2013
Horowitz, Irving Louis
Jarman, Mark, 1952-
Jewett, Sarah Orne
Johnson, Judith Emlyn
Lasher, Susan
Lehman, David, 1948-
Lukacs, Gyorgy, 1885-1971
Milosz, Czeslaw
Oz, Amos
O'Brien, Conor Cruise, 1917-2008
Orwell, George, 1903-1950
Phillips, William
Schnapper, Dominique
Segre, Dan Vittorio, 1922-
Shils, Edward
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991
Stern, Laurent
Vogelsang, Arthur
Watson, George L.
Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966
Wellek, ReneĢ
White, Hayden V., 1928-
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