Vol. 55, No. 4
Partisan Review Issues
Fall 1988
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by T.S. Eliot, Doris Lessing, Vassily Aksyonov, A.R. Ammons, Primo Levi, George Starbuck, Edith Kurzweil, and Pico Iyer.
Table of Contents:
"Ten Propositions about Glasnost and America," by William Phillips
Letters to Ezra Pound, by T.S. Eliot
"Totalitarianism Revisited," by Ralf Dahrendorf
"The Real Thing," fiction by Doris Lessing
"Anna Freud Being Analyzed," article by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl
"Storm over a Swimming Pool," article by Vassily Aksyonov
"Readings by Ways," poem by A.R. Ammons
"Huayna Capac," poem by Primo Levi
"September 9, 1901, Malrome," poem by Jane Ann Miller
"Prisoners' Round," poem by Phillis Levin
"Quatrain for Kathy," poem by George Starbuck
"Insert X," poem by Hayden Carruth
"The James Wright Annual Festival," poem by Stanley Plumly
"The Vespiary: A Fable," poem by Allen Curnow
"The Italian Rose Garden," poem by Jennifer Rose
"Downer Forest Road," jpoem by Askold Melnyczuk
"A Distance," poem by Ann Snodgrass
"Something Borrowed," poem by Katy Aisenberg
"At the Galleries," by Elizabeth Frank
"Helion and Leger," by Jed Perl Stanford
"Kafka and His Text," by William Phillips, reviews of
Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari
Franz Kafka by Richard H. Lawson
As Lonely As Franz Kafka by Marthe Robert
"Who Killed Primo Levi?" by Edith Kurzweil, review of The Drowned and the Saved by Primo Levi
"The Making of Poland," by Stanislaw Baranczak, reviews of
The Struggles for Poland by Neal Ascherson
The Polish Way by Adam Zamoyski
"A Dispassionate Critic," by Eugene Goodheart, review of The Order of Battle at Trafalgar and Other Essays by John Bayley
"More Ideology and Utopia," by John McGowan, review of Lectures on Ideology and Utopia, by Paul Ricoeur and George H. Taylor
"Tourists at Home," by Pico Iyer, reviews of
A Misalliance by Anita Brookner
Persian Nights by Diane Johnson
Associated Personal Entities:
Aisenberg, Katy, 1961-
Ammons, A. R., 1926-2001
Ascherson, Neal
Baranczak, Stanislaw, 1946
Bayley, John, 1925-
Brookner, Anita
Carruth, Hayden, 1921-2008
Curnow, Allen, 1911-2001
Dahrendorf, Ralf, 1929-2009
Deleuze, Gilles, 1925-1995.
Frank, Elizabeth, 1945-
Freud, Anna, 1895-1982
Goodheart, Eugene
Guattari, Félix, 1930-1992.
Helion, Jean, 1904-1987
Herbeck, Ernst
Herbert, Zbigniew
Iyer, Pico
Johnson, Diane, 1934-
Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924
Kurzweil, Edith
Kushner, Aleksandr
Lawson, Richard, 1960-
Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 1870-1924
Lessing, Doris, 1919-2013
Levi, Primo
Levi, Primo
Levin, Phillis, 1954-
McGowan, John, 1953-
Melnyczuk, Askold
Miller, Jane Ann
Perl, Jed
Phillips, William
Plumly, Stanley
Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972
Robert, Marthe
Rose, Jennifer
Snodgrass, Ann, 1958-
Starbuck, George, 1931-
Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth
Zamoyski, Adam
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