Vol. 60, No. 4
Partisan Review Issues
Fall 1993
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Printed Material
The Politics of Political Correctness: A Symposium.
Table of Contents:
The Politics of Political Correctness: A Symposium
"The Persistence of Reading," by Robert Alter
"Multiculturalism and the Modern University," by Brigitte Berger
"Dumbocracy in America," by Robert Brustein
"The Politics of Separatism," by Andrew Delbanco
"Correcting PC," by Morris Dickstein
"PC or Not PC," by Eugene Goodheart
"Knowledge and Propaganda," by Susan Haack
"From Farce to Tragedy," by Roger Kimball
"Confronting the Monolith," by Hilton Kramer
"Blacks and Jews in New York," by Leonard Kriegel
"Political Correctness in German Universities," by Edith Kurzweil
"Multiculturalism, Uniculturalism, or Anticulturalism?" by Mary Lefkowitz
"The Reign of Intolerance," by David Lehman
"Only Disconnect..." by Mark Lilla
"Self-Censorship," by Glenn C. Loury
"The Diversity Principle," by Heather Mac Donald
"Soft Totalitarianism," by Steven Marcus
"The Postmodern Argument Reconsidered," by Jerry L. Martin
"Notes of a Lonely White Woman," by Daphne Merkin
"False Gods," by Mark Mirsky
"Against Political Correctnes," by William Phillips
"McCarthyism of the Left," by Ronald Radosh
"The War on Standards," by Diane Ravitch
"Is There a Crisis in American Higher Education?" by John R. Searle
"The New Curriculum," by David Sidorsky
"Anti-rationalism," by Fred Siegel
"The New Class Comes Home," by Alan Wolfe
Associated Personal Entities:
Alter, Robert
Berger, Brigitte, 1928-
Brustein, Robert Sanford, 1927-
Delbanco, Andrew, 1952-
Dickstein, Morris
Goodheart, Eugene
Haack, Susan
Kimball, Roger, 1953-
Kramer, Hilton
Kriegel, Leonard, 1933-
Kurzweil, Edith
Lefkowitz, Mary R., 1935
Lehman, David, 1948-
Lilla, Mark
Loury, Glenn C.
MacDonald, Heather (Heather Eleanor)
Marcus, Steven
Martin, Jerry L
Merkin, Daphne
Mirsky, Mark
Phillips, William
Radosh, Ronald
Ravitch, Diane
Searle, John R.
Sidorsky, David
Siegel, Frederick F., 1945-
Wolfe, Alan, 1942-
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Political correctness
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