Vol. 66, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
Summer 1999
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Printed Material
Includes writings by Denis Donoghue, Leonard Michaels, W.S. Merwin, and Edith Kurzweil.
Table of Contents:
Comments by William Phillips and Edith Kurzweil
"Ireland" by Denis Donoghue
"Germany's Holocaust Memorial" by Jeffrey Herf
"The Walser Debate" by Norman Manea
"Nachman at the Races" by Leonard Michaels
"The Fate of a Generation" by Walter Laqueur
"Fiction Chronicle" (5 Reviews) by Millicent Bell
Damascus Gate, by Robert Stone
The Half-Life of Happiness, by John Casey
The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver
The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink
Reservation Road, by John Burnham Schwartz
"On Making Ex-Friends" (Review) by H.J. Kaplan
Ex-Friends, by Norman Podhoretz
"Tenure of the Campus Novel" by Sanford Pinsker
"After Homer" by Peter Filkins
"The Youth of Animals"
"Somewhere Here" (Verse) by W.S. Merwin
"Vertical Reach" (Verse) by Edward Locke
"Leonardo" (Verse) by James Hatch
"Autumn Fibrillation" (Verse) by Edwin M. Zimmerman
"Scattered Psalms" (Verse) by Jacqueline Osherow
"Wristwatch on a Nightstand" (Verse) by Sharona Ben-Tov
"Spring Song" (Verse) by Anne Atik
"Letter to a Suicide" (Verse) by Peg Boyers
"Fourth Ecologue" (Verse) by David Ferry and Virgil
"The Virgin" "The Winner" by Alfred Lichtenstein
"At the Galleries" by Karen Wilkin Books
"Wolfe Man" (Review) by Eugene Goodheart
A Man in Full, by Tom Wolfe
"Delta Blues" (Review) by Peter Wood
The Shape of the River, by William G. Bowen, Derek Bok
"The Nazis' Forced Labor" (Review) by Edith Kurzweil
Sklavenarbeit Unterm Hakenkreuz, by Reinhard Engel, Joana Radzyner
"The Last Theorem" (Review) by Gunther Stent
Fermat's Enigma, by Simon Singh
"Tracking the Political Keats" (Review) by Larry Lockridge
Keats A Biography, by Andrew Motion
Associated Personal Entities:
Adenauer, Konrad, 1876-1957
Atik, Anne
Bell, Millicent
Bok, Derek Curtis
Bowen, William G.
Boyers, Peggy, 1952-
Braque, Georges, 1882-1963
Casey, Jack
De Man, Paul
De Valera, Eamon, 1882-1975
D'Arrigo, Elisa, 1953-
Diebenkorn, Richard, 1922-1993
Donoghue, Denis
Engel, Reinhard, 1957-
Ferry, David
Filkins, Peter
Goodheart, Eugene
Hatch, James, 1960-
Herf, Jeffrey, 1947-
Kaplan, Harold, J., 1918-
Keats, John, 1795-1821
Kingsolver, Barbara
Kurzweil, Edith
L'Heureux, John
Laqueur, Walter, 1921-
Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519
Levy, Edgar
Lichtenstein, Alfred, 1889-1914
Locke, Edward
Lockridge, Laurence S., 1942-
Malamud, Bernard
Manea, Norman
Merwin, W. S. (William Stanley), 1927-
Michaels, Leonard
Motion, Andrew, 1952-
Muir, Sharona, 1957-
Natkin, Robert, 1930-2010
Osherow, Jacqueline
Phillips, William
Pinsker, Sanford
Podhoretz, Norman
Radzyner, Joanna, 1954-
Russo, Richard, 1949-
Schlink, Bernhard
Schwartz, John Burnham
Singh, Simon
Smiley, Jane
Stent, Gunther S. (Gunther Siegmund), 1924-2008
Stone, Robert
Teichman, Jenny
Westfall, Stephen
Wilkin, Karen, 1940-
Wolfe, Tom
Wood, Peter, 1927-
Yeats, William Butler, 1865-1939
Zimmerman, Edwin M.
Associated Subjects:
Literature -- 20th century
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