Public Relations Subject Guide
Richard Condon (1915-1996). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, research material, audio, and other material from the popular novelist, including several letters regarding Condon's early career as film publicist in the 1940s.
Edward L. Bernays (1891-1995). Letters from the legendary father of the field of public relations; in various collections, including the papers of Elie Abel, Charles Angoff, Max Ascoli, and Christopher Lehmann-Haupt.
Edwin (1924-2012) and Michael Gifford (1934-1988) Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, posters, audio recordings, and other items from the husband-and-wife founders of the New York public relations firm Gifford-Wallace, Inc.; for twenty years they were among the premier press agents for Broadway shows, as well as for the famed nightclub Studio 54, the revitalized South Street Seaport, and several restaurants in the area of Rockefeller Center.
Zelda Popkin (1898-1993). Manuscripts, correspondence, personal papers, and other material from the popular and acclaimed writer, including manuscripts and other documents regarding her novels Small Victory (one of the earliest American novels to address the Holocaust) and Quiet Street (the first American novel dealing with the 1948 founding of Israel).