Italian Collections Subject Guide
Max Ascoli (1898-1978). An extensive collection of correspondence, manuscripts, professional material, photographs, and much more, from the legendary antifascist Italian journalist, author, editor, educator, and publisher of The Reporter; including material regarding The Reporter's coverage of Vietnam.
Giuseppe Bagnai (1923-2001). Artwork, correspondence, manuscripts, journals, photographs, audio recordings, and other items from the noted Italian artist and author.
Helen Barolini (1925- ). Manuscripts and other items from the Italian-American translator, author, and teacher.
Peter A. Bertocci (1910-1989). Manuscripts, correspondence, and other items from the Italian author and professor of philosophy and psychology at Boston University.
Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed material, and other items from the revered Italian author and advocate for the poor, non-violence, and human rights.
Oriana Fallaci (1930-2006). Manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, audio and video recordings, and many other items from the legendary and controversialItalian journalist, novelist, and social critic. Included are Fallaci's notebooks from her time in Vietnam; several photographs of her in Vietnam; interviews with Nguyen Cao Ky and Vo Nguyen Giap; manuscripts for articles regarding the U.S. invasion of Cambodia; and other items.
Tito Gobbi (1915-1984). Correspondence, manuscripts, musical scores, photographs, audio and video recordings, and much more from the famous Italian baritone.
Alda Rangoni Lucci Letters, personal items, and other material from this Italian noblewoman.
Lillian O'Donnell (1936-2006). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, artwork, scrapbooks, and other items from the pioneering American crime novelist known for creating one of fiction’s first female police officers.
Mario Pei (1901-1975). Manuscripts, printed materials, and other items from the notable Italian-American linguist and author.
Mauro Senesi (1931-). Manuscripts and correspondence from the prominent Italian author.
Italo Serantoni (1915-1978). Manuscripts and other items from the Italian author.
Niccolo Tucci (1908-1999). Extensive correspondence as well as manuscripts and other items from the prolific and renowned author.
Arturo Vivante (1923-2008). Manuscripts from the Italian poet and short story writer.